William Babula. St. John and the Seven Veils (1991) 208 pp.
Publisher’s description: “That savvy San Francisco private eye Jeremiah St. John is back. He and his canny cohorts in crime detection, Mickey, a sexy ex-policewoman, and Chief Moses, a larger than life Seminole Indian, are hired to track down serial killer by a woman who claims to be the killer’s mother. From the moment she enters the offices of the St. John Detective Agency, they are caught up in the most bizarre and baffling case they have ever encountered. The first killing occurs on April 1st and by the time St. John is ‘recruited’ it is mid-April and three men have been brutally murdered. Other than the modus operandi, nothing links the men together. Nothing. Until an unrelated case unearths a coincidental connection. From that point on, the two cases blend as smoothly as a pair of stretch limousines colliding. The rocky trail, more convoluted than a spider’s web, leads all the way from the infamous Seven Veils brothel in Reno, Nevada, to a Vietnamese hideout and back to one of the most desolate parts of Northern California. When finally the murderer and his motives are laid bare, St. John and his partners have learned the darkest secrets of a legendary TV evangelist, a renowned military man, a world famous doctor straight out of central casting, and a celebrated madam.”
Setting: San Francisco, Reno, Northern California