William Babula. According to St. John (1989) 239 pp.
Publisher’s description: “San Francisco private eye Jeremiah St. John is back. This time he and his two partners in the St. John Detective Agency, Chief Moses, a larger than life Seminole Indian, and Mickey, a gorgeous ex-cop, find themselves embroiled in a case that has more bizarre turns than a Shakespearean plot. Which is exactly where it all begins. Mickey’s college roommate Denise Belknap is in town to appear in a new production of Macbeth starring the legendary Amanda Cole and invites the trio to opening night. They arrive at the theater only to learn that Amanda Cole has been brutally murdered and Denise is the prime suspect. Denise turns to St. John for help. He soon learns that nothing is what it seems to be among the theater people who surrounded Amanda Cole—prime suspects all. They practice con artistry at its highest level, creating the illusion of candor so that sifting the real from the unreal becomes St. John’s major challenge. By the time the murderer is tracked down, St. John and his partners have uncovered layers of deceit, ugly secrets from the past, skeletons in some very unlikely closets, and a mind-boggling motive.”
Setting: San Francisco