Peter Atkins. Morningstar (1992) 287 pp. [pbo]
Publisher’s description: “San Francisco has seen its share of tragedy and terror. But nothing has gripped it quite so icily as a recent string of grisly murders. Nearly twenty victims—men, women, even children—all apparently unconnected, all gruesomely disfigured, all neatly signed by the artist—Morningstar. Like most of the city’s citizens, freelance journalist Donovan Moon is afraid to leave his home. But no journalist can resist a scoop, and when a friend passes on a confidential police report about the murders, Moon finds himself inexorably drawn into an arena of death, destiny, and unholy power. For while the murderer may be guilty of inhuman crimes, it seems that his victims are far from innocent. To save his sanity—and his life—Moon must search for the truth amidst a whirlwind of terror, madness, and dark desire.”
Setting: San Francisco