Gordon Ashe [pseud. John Creasey]. A Rabble of Rebels (1971) 184 pp.
This potboiler begins with a student protest at “Mid-Cal University” in “Santa Margarita,” California. Although the geography is fuzzy, it is near San Francisco (but it is definitely not a fictionalization of UC Berkeley). As the protest starts turning violent, students Catherine Lee and her brother Gerald come upon three young women who are being accosted by four male students. When Gerald tries to intervene, he is attacked and kicked to death. The protest turns into a riot and the students take over the administration building. Then, an undercover FBI agent who witnessed the riot is murdered on board his plane flight from San Francisco to New York. Enter Deputy Assistant Commissioner Patrick Dawlish of New Scotland Yard and director of the International Police Conference (aka the “Crime Hater”), who is charged with investigating criminal incidents that have international ramifications. Student unrest has been accelerating around the world and Dawlish is convinced that it is being orchestrated by professionals. With the help of his assistant, Gordon Scott, Dawlish investigates the situation at Mid-Cal, thwarts an assassination attempt on Catherine, and proceeds to convene the Crime Hater conference in the emerging African nation of “Golana.” But, can he uncover the mastermind providing the organization to the rebels and marshal the world's police forces against them in time to prevent a world-wide student takeover?
Setting: San Francisco Bay Area (“Mid-Cal University”); New York; “Golana;” London