Alina Adams. Murder on Ice (2003) 304 pp. [pbo]
Since starting her research job at Network 24/7, Bex Levy has had to learn everything there was to know about figure skating. That way when TV commentators Francis and Diana Howarth are commenting on a live show they have all the needed material at their fingertips. At the World Figure Skating Championship in San Francisco, everyone expects cute Erin Simpson to take the gold. When the final results are tabulated, the Russian girl Xenia Trubin wins the top prize. The fans, the TV commentators and Erinís mother all say that Erin was cheated out of the gold. The four Russian judges voted for Xenia and the four western judges voted for Erin. The tie-breaker vote was cast by Italian Judge Silvana Potenza who later was found murdered in the refrigerator room of the ice skating rink. The director of 24/7 tells Bex that if she wants a job next year she has to figure out who the killer is, which leaves her skating on thin ice.