J.L. Abramo. Counting to Infinity (2004) 240 pp.
San Francisco private investigator Jake Diamond is forcibly persuaded to meet Max Lansdale for a job he canít refuse. Max wants Jake to find Harry Chandler who was reported dead in a shoot-out. Max says that a private investigator reported to him that he ran into Harry. The reason Jake is chosen for the job is that his mentor and associate Jimmy Pigeon reported that Harrison died. Max believes that the mantle has passed to Jake. Max wants to find Chandler because he killed Maxís brother Randolph. When Jake returns to San Francisco his trusty associate Darlene tells him that Max is connected to the mob. Jake buys time to figure out how to handle the situation because Max has threatened Darlene and his ex-wife and lover if he doesnít get results. When he finally meets with Chandler, an unknown person kills Harry. Soon after a bomb goes off in Jakeís apartment, killing Sally and injuring Jake. When he recovers, Jake and his friends put into motion a plan to bring Max down.