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Pat and Jean Abbott by Frances Crane
Aaron Asherfeld by David Berlinski
Dan Banion by Robert Finnegan
Carver Bascombe by Kenn Davis
Helen Black by Pat Welch (Berkeley) [no article]
Boston Blackie by Jack Doyle
Walter Brackett by Derek Marlowe
Peter Bragg by Jack Lynch
Lou Brick by George Mair; updated article*
Nick Chambers by the Bay Area Writer’s Group
Allen Choice by Leonard Chang
The Continental Op by Dashiell Hammett
Jerry Cool by Gerry Maddren (Berkeley) [no article]
Peter Crestfallen by Simon Wood
Gloria Damasco by Lucha Corpi (Oakland)
Dan Kearney & Associates (DKA) by Joe Gores
Jake Diamond by J.L. Abramo
Sam Diamond by Neil Simon (Murder by Death)
Frankie Fagan by James Dalessandro
John “Scottie” Ferguson by Samuel Taylor (Vertigo)
Nell Fury by Elizabeth Pincus
Odyssey Gallagher by James N. Frey
Maggie Garrett by Jean Taylor
Hector Gonig by Walter Walker [no article]
Joe Goodey* by Charles Alverson
Mike Haller by Max Byrd
Dashiell Hammett by Joe Gores
Ben Henry by Mike Weiss
Jeri Howard by Janet Dawson (Berkeley and points East Bay)
Fremont Jones by Dianne Day
Rae Kelleher by Marcia Muller
Riley Kovachs by Gordon DeMarco
Takeshi Kovacs by Richard Morgan
Barrett Lake by Shelley Singer (Berkeley)
Hobart Lindsey & Marvia Plum by Richard A. Lupoff (Berkeley)
Aubrey Lyle by Jenny Scholten
Doan McCandler and Binky by Orland Outland
Sharon McCone by Marcia Muller
Amos McGuffin by Robert Upton
Dante Mancuso by Domenic Stansberry
Nick Merchant by Chris Larsgaard
Adrian Monk by Andy Breckman
Gus Monk by Blake Edwards
Nameless by John A. Miller
Nameless by Bill Pronzini
Billy Nichols by Eddie Muller
Jack Palms by Seth Harwood
Lou Peckinpaugh by Neil Simon (The Cheap Detective)
Eliza Pirex by Diana McRae [no article]
Nick Polo by Jerry Kennealy
John Quincannon by Bill Pronzini
Carroll Quint by Jerry Kennealy
Jess Randolph by Margaret Lucke
Tom Reed by Rick Mofina
August Riordan by Mark Coggins
Alexander Rush by Dashiell Hammett
Jeremiah St. John by William Babula
Jake Samson by Shelley Singer (Oakland)
Catherine Sayler by Linda Grant
Sam Spade by Dashiell Hammett
Sam Spade, Junior by Don M. Mankiewicz and Gordon Cotler (The Black Bird)
Isabel “Izzy” Spellman by Lisa Lutz
John Marshall Tanner by Stephen Greenleaf
Derek Thompson by Kelly Bradford
Ronnie Ventana by Gloria White
Emma Victor by Mary Wings
Walker* by Peter Gessner [new; article attached]
Cape Weathers by Tim Maleeny
Scott Weiss and Jim Bishop by Andrew Klavan
James “Whit” Whitney by David Dodge
Martin Windrow by Jim Nisbet [no article]
James Lee Wong by Hugh Wiley
Trygve Yamamura by Poul Anderson (Berkeley)
Joe Zanca by James N. Frey


Kevin is in the middle of a well-deserved vacation from maintaining the site. So, while he is away, I have temporarily posted these articles here. When Kevin gets back they will appear on the Thrilling Detective Web Site.


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