Editor’s note: This index is a work in progress. It is by no means comprehensive or complete. It is intended to locate the specific Bay Area setting of the novels listed below. As always, additions and corrections are appreciated.


East Bay
Only the Good by Mary Collins (1942) [“[A] lovely little valley ... nestling in the hills east of Berkeley”]
Susannah and the Blue House Mystery by Patricia Elmore (1980)
Susannah and the Poison Green Halloween by Patricia Elmore (1982)
The Lost One by Dana Lyon (1958)
The Tule Marsh Murder by Nancy Barr Mavity (1929) [El Cerrito]
The Body on the Floor by Nancy Barr Mavity (1929)
The Case of the Missing Sandals by Nancy Barr Mavity (1930)
The Other Bullet by Nancy Barr Mavity (1930) [Piedmont]
The Fate of Jane McKenzie by Nancy Barr Mavity (1933)

The Revels are Ended by Robert Carson (1936)
Kindred Crimes by Janet Dawson (1990)
Take a Number by Janet Dawson (1993)

Cutdown by John A. Miller (1997)

—Until Proven Guilty by Charles W. Calhoun (1917)
For Us the Living by Haakon Chevalier (1948)
The Silent Cradle by Margaret Cuthbert (1998)
Kindred Crimes by Janet Dawson (1990)
Dealing, or, The Berkeley-to-Boston Forty-Brick Lost-Bag Blues by Michael Douglas (1970)
Karma by Susan Dunlap (1981)
As a Favor by Susan Dunlap (1984)
Not Exactly a Brahmin by Susan Dunlap (1985)
Too Close to the Edge by Susan Dunlap (1987)
A Dinner to Die For by Susan Dunlap (1987)
Diamond in the Buff by Susan Dunlap (1990)
Death and Taxes by Susan Dunlap (1991)
Time Expired by Susan Dunlap (1993)
Sudden Exposure by Susan Dunlap (1996)
Cop Out by Susan Dunlap (1997)
The Celestial Buffet and Other Morsels of Murder by Susan Dunlap (2001)
Death of a Dad by Jake Fuchs (1998)
Death of a Prof by Jake Fuchs (2001)
Ruthless Game by Danielle Girard (2001)
Lethal Genes by Linda Grant (1996)
Night Angel by Kate Green (1989)
Beyond Blame by Stephen Greenleaf (1986)
The Chandler Apartments by Owen Hill (2002)
The Incredible Double by Owen Hill (2009)
Two Dead, One to Die by Louise Hoblitt (2003)
To Play the Fool by Laurie R. King (1995)
Trojan Park by J. Lea Koretsky (2011)
The Radio Red Killer by Richard A. Lupoff (1997)
Murder Loves Company by John Mersereau (1940)
The Beryllium Murder by Camille Minichino (2000)
The Nitrogen Murder by Camille Minichino (2005)
Skeleton Key by Lenore Glen Offord (1943)
The Smiling Tiger by Lenore Glen Offord (1949)
Walking Shadow by Lenore Glen Offord (1959)
The Four Johns by Ellery Queen (1964)
Posted for Murder by Virginia Rath (1942)
The Dog Park Club by Cynthia Robinson (2010)
Frameshift by Robert J. Sawyer (1997)
Vichy Berkeley by Robert Sharpe (1993)
Samson’s Deal by Shelley Singer (1983)
Following Jane by Shelley Singer (1993)
Picture of David by Shelley Singer (1993)
Searching for Sara by Shelley Singer (1994)
Interview with Mattie by Shelley Singer (1995)
Eight of Swords by David Skibbins (2005)
High Priestess by David Skibbins (2006)
The Star by David Skibbins (2007)
Dead Hand Control by Tim Stutler (2002)
Dead on Arrival by Lee Thayer (1960)
Murder on the Air by Ralph Warner and Toni Ihara (1984)
Intent to Harm by Stan Washburn (1994) [“Bancroft”]
Into Thin Air by Stan Washburn (1996) [“Bancroft”]
Murder by the Book by Pat Welch (1990)
A Proper Burial by Pat Welch (1993)
Smoke and Mirrors by Pat Welch (1996)
Fallen From Grace by Pat Welch (1998)
A Time to Cast Away by Pat Welch (2005)

UC Berkeley
Perish by the Sword by Poul Anderson (1959)
Murder in Black Letter by Poul Anderson (1960)
The Hamlet Case by Asa Arthur Berger (2000)
The Case of the Seven of Calvary by Anthony Boucher (1937)
The Compleat Werewolf and Other Stories of Fantasy and Science Fiction by Anthony Boucher (1969)
Dead Language by Lynn Boyd (2000)
The Campanile Murders by Whitman Chambers (1933) [“State University”]
CRIM 279 by Michael A. Dove (2004)
Motives for Murder by Patricia Gebhard (2000)
The Long Death (Dirty Harry #3) by Dane Hartman (1981)
Murder in the English Department by Valerie Miner (1982)
On the Field of Honor by Ron Roizen (2006)
The Calculus of Murder by Erik Rosenthal (1987)
The Advanced Calculus of Murder by Erik Rosenthal (1988)
Borrowed Rites by Judith Stephens (1986)
A Hair’s Breadth by Lee Thayer (1946)

Golden Gate Fields
The Bookwoman’s Last Fling by John Dunning (2006)

Shades of Retribution by Chandra Adams (2004)
Maid in the Shade by Jacqueline Turner Banks (1998)
Dead in 5 Heartbeats by Ralph “Sonny” Barger (2003)
I-5 by Summer Brenner (2009)
13 Steps by Whitman Chambers (1935)
Once Too Often by Whitman Chambers (1938)
Bring Me Another Murder by Whitman Chambers (1942)
Eulogy for a Brown Angel by Lucha Corpi (1992)
Cactus Blood by Lucha Corpi (1995)
Black Widow’s Wardrode by Lucha Corpi (1999)
Crimson Moon by Lucha Corpi (2004)
Kindred Crimes by Janet Dawson (1990)
Till the Old Men Die by Janet Dawson (1993)
Take a Number by Janet Dawson (1993)
Susannah and the Purple Mongoose Mystery by Patricia Elmore (1992)
Fly From Evil by Frank Free (1986)
Cold Silence by Danielle Girard (2002)
Too Dead to Swing by Hal Glatzer (2002)
Beyond Blame by Stephen Greenleaf (1986)
Street Raised by Pearce Hansen (2006)
Two Dead, One to Die by Louise Hoblitt (2003)
The Wedding Game by Susan Holtzer (2000)
Oaktown Devil by Renay Jackson (1999)
Shakey’s Loose by Renay Jackson (2000)
Turf War by Renay Jackson (2001)
Peanut’s Revenge by Renay Jackson (2003)
Crack City by Renay Jackson (2006)
Sweetpea’s Secret by Renay Jackson (2008)
Prudence Couldn’t Swim by James William Kilgore (2012)
Zero Tolerance by J.D. Knight (1995)
Gun, With Occasional Music by Jonathan Lethem (1994)
The Comic Book Killer by Richard A. Lupoff (1988)
The Classic Car Killer by Richard A. Lupoff (1992)
The Bessie Blue Killer by Richard A. Lupoff (1994)
Held to Answer by Peter Clark MacFarlane (1916)
All the Muscle You Need by Diana McRae (1988)
Way Past Cool by Jess Mowry (1992)
Edited to Death by Linda Lee Peterson (2005)
Ecstasy Club by Douglas Rushkoff (1997)
The Last Days of Louisiana Red by Ishmael Reed (1974)
Phoenix Rising by David Riel (2000)
Misdemeanor Man by Dylan Schaffer (2004) [“Santa Rita”]
I Right the Wrongs by Dylan Schaffer (2005) [“Santa Rita”]
Full House by Shelley Singer (1986)
Prosecutors Will Be Violated by Archibald Spencer (1999)
Days on the Beach by John Taylor (2009)
The Dying Ground by Nichelle D. Tramble (2001)
The Last King by Nichelle D. Tramble (2004)
Blindfolded by Earle Ashley Walcott (1906)
The Turquoise Dragon by David Rains Wallace (1985)
A Case of Loyalties by Marilyn Wallace (1986)
Primary Target by Marilyn Wallace (1988)
A Single Stone by Marilyn Wallace (1991)
The Judas Hunter by William E. Wallace (2013)
I Want to Die! by William E. Wallace (2013)
The Jade Bone Jar by William E. Wallace (2014)
East Bay Grease by Eric Miles Williamson (1999)

Blindfolded by Earle Ashley Walcott (1906)


The Devil’s Redhead by David Corbett (2002)
Social Graces by Malinda M. Hall (2001) [“Pleasant Creek”]
Murder Among Neighbors by Jonnie Jacobs (1994) [“Walnut Hills”]
Murder Among Friends by Jonnie Jacobs (1995) [“Walnut Hills”]
Murder Among Us by Jonnie Jacobs (1998) [“Walnut Hills”]
Murder Among Strangers by Jonnie Jacobs (2000) [“Walnut Hills”]
Mrs. Munck by Ella Leffland (1970) [“Port Carquinez”]

Dead in Danville by Rob Rittenhouse (2011)

North Bay
Done for a Dime by David Corbett (2003) [“Rio Mirada” on San Pablo Bay]

San Ramon
Slain in San Ramon by Rob Rittenhouse (2007)

Walnut Creek
Chasing Darkness by Danielle Girard (2002)
Jack Palms II: This Is Life by Seth Harwood (2007)
Dark Companion by Jim Nisbet (2006)


Body of Intuition by Claire Daniels (2002) [“Glasse County”]
Strangled Intuition by Claire Daniels (2004) [“Glasse County”]
Cruel and Unusual Intuition by Claire Daniels (2005) [“Glasse County”]
Deep Six by Donna Dean (2001)
Adjusted to Death by Jaqueline Girdner (1991)
The Last Resort by Jaqueline Girdner (1991)
Murder Most Mellow by Jaqueline Girdner (1992)
Fat-Free and Fatal by Jaqueline Girdner (1993)
Tea-Totally Dead by Jaqueline Girdner (1994)
A Stiff Critique by Jaqueline Girdner (1995)
Most Likely to Die by Jaqueline Girdner (1996)
A Cry for Self-Help by Jaqueline Girdner (1997)
Death Hits the Fan by Jaqueline Girdner (1998)
Murder on the Astral Plane by Jaqueline Girdner (1999)
Murder, My Deer by Jaqueline Girdner (2000)
A Sensitive Kind of Murder by Jaqueline Girdner (2001)
After Things Fell Apart by Ron Goulart (1970)
A Very Eligible Corpse by Annie Griffin (1998)
Date with a Perfect Dead Man by Annie Griffin (1999)
Love and the Single Corpse by Annie Griffin (2000)
Tall, Dead, and Handsome by Annie Griffin (2001)
House of Whispers by Margaret Lucke (2008)
Angel Landing by Avery Mann (2013)
Trophies and Dead Things by Marcia Muller (1990)
A Room to Die In by Ellery Queen (1965) [“Inisfail”]
Time and Trouble by Gillian Roberts (1998)
Whatever Doesn’t Kill You by Gillian Roberts (2001)
Murder at the Mane Tamers by Nancy Schuepbach (2005) [“Sunny Valley”]
Free Draw by Shelley Singer (1984)
Picture of David by Shelly Singer (1993)
Royal Flush by Shelley Singer (1999)
The Confession by Domenic Stansberry (2004)
The Housewife and the Assassin by Susan Trott (1979)
Incognito by Susan Trott (1983)
The Belvedere Club by Nicola Trwst (2012)
Murder at Drake’s Anchorage by E. Lee Waddell (1949)
We All Fall Down by Simon Wood (2008)

Angel Island
A Case of Loyalties by Marilyn Wallace (1986)

Belvedere Island
Grannies Investigate the Tunnel of Death by Cliff McGoon (2005)

Bolinas Bongo by Nicola Trwst (2013)

Mill Valley
Rooster: A Badge, Gun and Heartache by D.C. Murphy(2013)
Tainted Million by Susan Trott (1996)

Muir Beach
House of Whispers by Margaret Lucke (2008)

The Zodiac Killer by Jerry Weissman (1979)

Words Can Kill by Kenn Davis (1984)
Murder Alfresco by Nadia Gordon (2005)
Ambrose Bierce and the One-Eyed Jacks by Oakley Hall (2003)
Sausalito by Jack Lynch (1984)
The Quick Red Fox by John D. MacDonald (1964)
The Underground Man by Ross Macdonald (1971)
A Sleuth in Sausalito by Carol Sheldon (2014)
Who’d Want to Kill Old George? by Robert Upton (1977)
The Zodiac Killer by Jerry Weissman (1979)

San Quentin
On the Yard by Malcolm Braly (1967)
It’s Cleaner on the Inside by John Bright (1961)
Hard Rain Falling by Don Carpenter (1966)
13 Steps by Whitman Chambers (1935)
The House of Numbers by Jack Finney (1957)
The Man Who Was Guilty by Flora Haines Loughead (1886)
San Quentin by Jack Lynch (1984)
Soon the Rest Will Fall by Peter Plate (2006)
Pain Killers by Jerry Stahl (2009)
No Letters for the Dead by Gale Wilhelm (1936)


Napa Valley
If Today Be Sweet by Ednah Aiken (1923)
Blood on the Vine: A Murder, She Wrote Mystery by Donald Bain and Jessica Fletcher (2001)
Bitter Finish by Linda Barnes (1983)
Napa Nights by David Ciambrone (2001)
Vulture Capital by Mark Coggins (2002)
Eulogy for a Brown Angel by Lucha Corpi (1992)
The Sauvignon Secret by Ellen Crosby (2011)
The Three-Cornered Wound by George Dyer (1931)
Sharpshooter by Nadia Gordon (2002)
Death by the Glass by Nadia Gordon (2003)
Murder Alfresco by Nadia Gordon (2005)
Emma Chizzit and the Napa Nemesis by Mary Bowen Hall (1992)
Noble Rot by Will Harriss (1993)
Cordite Wine by Richard Helms (2005)
Gatsby’s Vineyard by A.E. Maxwell (1987)
A Ton of Trouble by Lynne Murray (2002)
Tangled Vines by Diane Noble (1998)
Murder in the Napa Valley by David Osborn (1993)
Sharpshooters by Christopher Rocco Piliero (1997)
Trust No One by Meryl Sawyer (2000)
Murder Uncorked by Michele Scott (2005)
Murder by the Glass by Michele Scott (2006)
Silenced by Syrah by Michele Scott (2007)
Corked by Cabernet by Michele Scott (2009)
Grape Noir by Kit Sloane (2001)
Murder Will Travel by Emily Toll (2002)
Guilty As Zin by Chuck Toubin (2002)
Death in the Vineyard by George Everett Tuttle (2003)
The Fabergé Egg by Robert Upton (1988)
The Wine Cellar by Lin Weber (2006)
Full-Bodied Red by Bruce Zimmerman (1993)


Editor’s note: The city of San Francisco is far and away the most popular setting for Bay Area crime fiction. Listed below is a small sampling of titles that I have been able to identify in specific San Francisco locales.

Someone is Hiding on Alcatraz Island by Eve Bunting (1984)
Inmate 1577 by Alan Jacobson (2011)
How to Host a Killer Party by Penny Warner (2010)

AT&T Park
The San Francisco Splash by David A. Kelly (2012)

Lying With Strangers by Jonnie Jacobs (2013)

Bernal Heights
Pennies on a Dead Woman’s Eyes by Marcia Muller (1992)

Castro District
Cold Serial Murder by Mark Abramson (2009)
Murder in the Castro by Elaine Beale (1997)
Murder on the House by Juliet Blackwell (2012)
Paws for Consideration by Amy Butcher (2012)
Nightcrawlers by Bill Pronzini (2005)
The Saint of San Francisco by Jerry Sacher (2011)
She Came to the Castro by Mary Wings (1997)
She Came in Drag by Mary Wings (1999)

China Basin
A Killing in China Basin by Kirk Russell (2011)

Goodey’s Last Stand by Charles Alverson (1975)
The Mystery of the Chinatown Pearls by Betty Antoncich (1965)
Who Killed Coralie by the Aresbys (1927)
The King of the Opium Ring by Charles E. Blaney and Charles A. Taylor (1905)
The Red Hot Empress by Meredith Blevins (2005)
Confessions of a Chinatown Moll by Jeff Bogar (195-)
Those Seven Alibis by Charles G. Booth (1932)
Cash Out by Paul Boray (2002)
The Night Tide by Grant Carpenter (1920)
Deadly Season by Tim Champlin (1997)
The Jade Pagoda by Marion Clarke (1992)
Murder on the Waterfront by Susan Brassfield Cogan (2004)
Ways That Are Wary by Lemuel L. de Bra (1925)
The Shadow of Quong Lung by C.W. Doyle (1900)
The Cat and the Cherub and Other Stories by Chester B. Fernald (1896)
Murder Up My Sleeve by Erle Stanley Gardner (1937)
The Case of the Backward Mule by Erle Stanley Gardner (1946)
Green Eyes by Walter Brown Gibson (1977)
The Chinese Jars by William C. Gordon (2011)
The Halls of Power by William C. Gordon (2014)
Still Life With Devils by Deborah Grabien (2007)
A Case for Mr. Paul Savoy by Jackson Gregory (1933)
Dragon Hand by Mark Gummere (2013)
Skulduggery by Carolyn G. Hart (1984)
Grass Sandal by Richard Helms (2004)
The Chinese Straight by J.J. Lamb (1976)
Yellowfish by John Keeble (1980)
Chinatown Justice by W.B. Longley (1985)
Deadlock by Malcolm MacPherson (1998)
The Jade Cat by George Mair (1974)
The Chinatown Connection by Owen Park (1977)
The Dragon Strikes Back by Tom Roan (1936)
White Ginger by Thatcher Robinson (2013)
Black Karma by Thatcher Robinson (2014)
Deceived by Carla Simpson (1994)
City of Dragons by Kelli Stanley (2010)
Blindfolded by Earle Ashley Walcott (1906)
Stranger at Golden Hill by Joy de Weese Wehen (1961)
Jade by Hugh Wiley (1921)
Manchu Blood by Hugh Wiley (1927)
The Copper Mask by Hugh Wiley (1932)
A Matter of Confidence by Brad Williams and J.W. Ehrlich (1973)
Through the Moon-Gate Door by Mildred A. Wirt (1938)
The Case of the Goblin Pearls by Laurence Yep (1997)
The Case of the Lion Dance by Laurence Yep (1998)
The Case of the Firecrackers by Laurence Yep (1999)

Cliff House
The Cliff House Strangler by Shirley Tallman (2007)

Coit Tower
The Fallen by Celia Thomson (2004)

Cow Hollow
Dead Bolt by Juliet Blackwell (2011)

Fairmont Hotel
A Hitch at the Fairmont by Jim Averbeck (2014)

Fillmore Auditorium
Ungrateful Dead: Murder at the Fillmore by Patricia Morrison (2007)

Fleishhacker Zoo
Cat’s-Paw by Bill Pronzini (1983)

Golden Gate Bridge
Blind Leap by Diane and Jacob Anderson-Minshall (2007)
Golden Gate Caper by Mike Dolinsky (1976)
The Last Leap by Douglas Enefer (1983)
Beyond Golden Gate Bridge by Ireneo D. Gangcuangco (2000)
Blue Monday by Charlotte Higgins (1996)
Ransom of the Golden Bridge by Proctor Jones (1983)
The Way Some People Die by Ross Macdonald (1951)
The Golden Gate by Alistair MacLean (1976)
Somebody’s Sister by Derek Marlowe (1974)
Deadly Plunge by Greg Messel (2012)
If I Should Die Before I Wake by Jerry Allen Potter (1981)
The Barbary Dogs by Cynthia Robinson (2011)
The Crimson Hair Murders by Darwin L. Teilhet (1936)
Tainted Million by Susan Trott (1996)

Golden Gate Park
Mounted in the City by the Bay by Richard Blanchard (1998)
Sex, Murder and a Double Latte by Kyra Davis (2005)
There’s Something in a Sunday by Marcia Muller (1989)
At the Sound of the Beep by Marilyn Sachs (1990)

Concert of Ghosts by Campbell Armstrong (1992)
Secondhand Spirits by Juliet Blackwell (2009)
A Cast-Off Coven by Juliet Blackwell (2010)
Hexes and Hemlines by Juliet Blackwell (2011)
Tarnished and Torn by Juliet Blackwell (2013)
A Vision in Velvet by Juliet Blackwell (2014)
The Last Good Kiss by James Crumley (1978)
White Rabbit by David Daniel (2003)
Cobalt by Will Lee (1999)
A Plague of Secrets by John Lescroart (2009)
Ungrateful Dead: Murder at the Fillmore by Patricia Morrison (2007)
There’s Something in a Sunday by Marcia Muller (1989)
Hildegarde Withers Makes the Scene by Stuart Palmer and Fletcher Flora (1969)
Death in the Haight by Ronald Tierney (2012)
The Lonely Hunter by Collin Wilcox (1969)

Hastings College of Law
Where Lawyers Fear to Tread by Lia Matera (1987)

Inner Sunset
Leave a Message for Willie by Marcia Muller (1984)

Japantown by Barry Lancet (2013)
Quicksilver by Bill Pronzini (1984)

M.H. de Young Museum
The Cavalier in White by Marcia Muller (1986)

Mark Hopkins Hotel
The Seventh Sin by Eben Paul Perison (2000)

Mission District
Paws for Consideration by Amy Butcher (2012)
The Ugly Dwarf by William C. Gordon (2012)
Trick of Light by David Hunt (1997)
Ask the Cards a Question by Marcia Muller (1982)
One Foot Off the Gutter by Peter Plate (1995)
Snitch Factory by Peter Plate (1997)
Police and Thieves by Peter Plate (1999)
Angels of Catastrophe by Peter Plate (2001)

Montgomery Street
Dead Center by Mary Collins (1942)

Nob Hill
Fifty Candles by Earl Derr Biggers (1926)
Casa Madrone by Mignon G. Eberhart (1980)
Shaken Down by Alice MacGowan and Perry Newberry (1925)
Thunderbolt House by Howard Pease (1944)
Murder on Nob Hill by Shirley Tallman (2004)

North Beach
Goodey’s Last Stand by Charles Alverson (1975)
Death-Wish Green by Frances Crane (1960)
The Last Days of Il Duce by Domenic Stansberry (1998)
Chasing the Dragon by Domenic Stansberry (2004)
The Big Boom by Domenic Stansberry (2006)
The Ancient Rain by Domenic Stansberry (2008)
Naked Moon by Domenic Stansberry (2010)
Death in North Beach by Ronald Tierney (2010)
North Beach Girl by John Trinian (1960)
Murder on the Run by Gloria White (1991)
Money to Burn by Gloria White (1993)
Charged with Guilt by Gloria White (1995)
Sunset and Santiago by Gloria White (1997)
Death Notes by Gloria White (2005)
Cry Baby by Gloria White (2006)

Pacific Exchange/San Francisco Stock Exchange
Blindfolded by Earle Ashley Walcott (1906)

Pacific Heights
If Walls Could Talk by Juliet Blackwell (2010)
Pacific Heights by Paul Harper (2011)
Locked Rooms by Laurie R. King (2005)
Death in Pacific Heights by Ronald Tierney (2009)
Doctor, Lawyer by Collin Wilcox (1976)
Cocaine and Blue Eyes by Fred Zackel (1978)

Potrero Hill
18mm Blues by Gerald A. Browne (1993)
Games to Keep the Dark Away by Marcia Muller (1984)

The Presidio by Mike Cogan (1988)

A Jig Before Dying by Danny Carnahan (2008)

Rincon Hill
Scandal on Rincon Hill by Shirley Tallman (2010)

Russian Hill
The Sister of Cain by Mary Collins (1943)
The House on Russian Hill by Florence Hurd (1977)
Murder on Russian Hill by Lenore Glen Offord (1938)
A Dirge for Her by Virginia Rath (1947)
The Russian Hill Murders by Shirley Tallman (2005)
The Mystery of the Green Cat by Phyllis A. Whitney (1957)

San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge
Virtual Light by William Gibson (1993)
Dead Midnight by Marcia Muller (2002)

Pennies on a Dead Woman’s Eyes by Marcia Muller (1992)

South of Market
The House of Blue Lights by Robert J. Bowman (1987)
There’s Something in a Sunday by Marcia Muller (1989)

Sunset District
Dead Irish by John T. Lescroart (1989)

Telegraph Hill
The Frightened Child by Dana Lyon (1948)
Telegraph Hill by John F. Nardizzi (2012)
Mystery on Telegraph Hill by Howard Pease (1961)
Death on Telegraph Hill by Shirley Tallman (2012)

The Hero Rat by Wally Charleston (1975)
Stilettos and Steel by Jeri Estes (2013)
A Portrait in the Tenderloin by John Goins (2013)
Out West by Fred G. Leebron (1996)
Whispering Bodies by Jesse Michaels (2013)
There’s Nothing To Be Afraid Of by Marcia Muller (1985)
Destroying Angel by Richard Paul Russo (1992)
Searching for Sara by Shelly Singer (1994)
Mascara: Death in the Tenderloin by Ronald Tierney (2011)

Fiddler’s Green by Ernest K. Gann (1950)
Slaves of Desire by Allan C. Latson (1956)
Foghorns by Howard Pease (1937)
Waterfront Reporter by Felix Riesenberg (1950)

West Portal
The Lucky Dog Lottery: A West Portal Mystery by Mary F. Burns (2006)

Western Addition
The Cheshire Cat’s Eye by Marcia Muller (1983)

San Francisco Civic Auditorium
Dog Eat Dog by Mary Collins (1949)

San Francisco International Airport
The High and the Mighty by Ernest K. Gann (1953)

UCSF Medical Center
The Jury Master by Robert Dugoni (2006)

1906 Earthquake and Fire
The Avalanche by Gertrude Atherton (1919)
The Lost Gold of San Francisco by Michael Castleman (2003)
1906 by James Dalessandro (2004)
Fire and Fog by Dianne Day (1996)
Travers by Sara Dean (1908)
Swindled!: The Journal of Fitz Morgan by Bill Doyle (2006)
Casa Madrone by Mignon G. Eberhart (1980)
The Last Nightingale by Anthony Flacco (2007)
Bones of the Barbary Coast by Daniel Hecht (2006)
Locked Rooms by Laurie R. King (2005)
Shaken Down by Alice MacGowan and Perry Newberry (1925)
The Reckoning by Patrick McInroy (1995) [1908; post-earthquake]
Thunderbolt House by Howard Pease (1944)
PaperQuake by Kathryn Reiss (1998)
The Strange Case of Baby H by Kathryn Reiss (2002)
The Golden Crucible by Jean Stubbs (1976)
The Lion’s Share by Octave Thanet (1907)
The Trembling Hills by Phyllis A. Whitney (1956)

1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition
The Hidden Man by Anthony Flacco (2008)
Danger in the Jeweled City by Mary Tomasi-Dubois (2007)

1939-1940 Golden Gate International Exposition/Treasure Island
Swing by Rupert Holmes (2005)
Murder Loves Company by John Mersereau (1940)
City of Secrets by Kelli Stanley (2011)

1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake
The Lost Gold of San Francisco by Michael Castleman (2003)
Shoe Leather by Stan Kent (1999)
On the Edge of the Fault by Mona Matlock (2001)

Committee of Vigilance
The Mysteries and Miseries of San Francisco by “A Californian” (1853)
The Committee of Vigilance by John Byrne Cooke (1994)
The Young Vigilantes by Samuel Adams Drake (1904)
The Startling and Thrilling Narrative by P. Sheldon Drury (1857)
The Black List by Hugh Ewing (1893)
Vigilante by Richard Summers (1949)
The Gray Dawn by Stewart Edward White (1915)
Fortune, Smile Once More! by Mary Floyd Williams (1946)


Behind Closed Doors by Susan R. Sloan (2004)

Murder in a Mummy Case by K.K. Beck (1986)

Alive in Necropolis by Doug Dorst (2008)

Half Moon Bay
It Ain’t Hay by David Dodge (1946)
The Galton Case by Ross Macdonald (1959)
4th of July by James Patterson & Maxine Paetro (2005)
Sweetheart by Scott Swanton (1980)
Murder in Half Moon Bay by Nancy Jill Thames (2009)
Bootlegger’s Cove by Rob Tillitz (2009)
Eyes Like Half Dollars by Rob Tillitz (2009)

The Snatch by Bill Pronzini (1971)

Murder of a Mistress by Henry Kuttner (1957)

The Jury Master by Robert Dugoni (2006)

Moon Country by Gladys E. Johnson (1924)
Mystery House by Kathleen Norris (1939)
Pescadero Creek by Victoria Williams-Fisher (2010)

Redwood City
The Man With My Face by Samuel W. Taylor (1948)
The Fault Tree by Mickey Friedman (1984)

San Carlos
Death Joins the Woman#146;s Club by Charles Saxby (1940)

San Mateo
Love in a Dark House by Merla Zellerbach (1961)
The Coast of Chance by Esther and Lucia Chamberlain (1908)

Blind Curves by Diane and Jacob Anderson-Minshall (2007)

Governor Thurmond’s Bird-House by Lillian Hudson (1915)
Love and I by Ednah Aiken (1928)
A Private Killing by James Benét (1949) [“Hillside” i.e. Hillsborough/Woodside]
Then There Were Three by Geoffrey Homes (1938) [“Los Pinos”]
Crazybone by Bill Pronzini (2000)
Isolation Ward by Joshua Spanogle (2006)


Murder in Miniature by Margaret Grace (2008) [“Lincoln Point”]
Mayhem in Miniature by Margaret Grace (2008) [“Lincoln Point”]
Malice in Miniature by Margaret Grace (2009) [“Lincoln Point”]
Mourning in Miniature by Margaret Grace (2009) [“Lincoln Point”]
Monster in Miniature by Margaret Grace (2010) [“Lincoln Point”]
Mix-Up in Miniature by Margaret Grace (2012) [“Lincoln Point”]
Madness in Miniature by Margaret Grace (2014) [“Lincoln Point”]
You Stand Accused by Dana Hughston (1937)
The First Directive by Joseph D. McNamara (1984)
Fatal Command by Joseph D. McNamara (1987)
The Dark Adventure by Howard Pease (1950) [“Colina”]

Palo Alto
Young Mrs. Cavendish & the Kaiser’s Men by K.K. Beck (1987)
Murder is a Family Business by Heather Haven (2011)
A Wedding to Die For by Heather Haven (2011)
Death Runs in the Family by Heather Haven (2012)
Burying Ben by Ellen Kirschman (2013) [“Kenilworth”]
Switchback by Matthew Klein (2006)
Con ed by Matthew Klein (2007)
Among the Immortals by Paul Lake (1994)
A Circle of Wives by Alice LaPlante (2014)
Duncan’s Diary: Birth of a Serial Killer by Christopher C. Payne (2009)
Murder in a Nice Neighborhood by Lora Roberts (1994)
Murder in the Marketplace by Lora Roberts (1995)
Murder Bone by Bone by Lora Roberts (1997)
Murder Crops Up by Lora Roberts (1998)
Murder Follows Money by Lora Roberts (2000)
Revolting Development by Lora R. Smith (1988)

Stanford University
Unwanted Attentions by K.K. Beck (1988)
Among the Immortals by Paul Lake (1994)
The Bathtub Murder by Mabel Dana Lyon and Josephine Hughston (1933) [“Western University”]

Silicon Valley
Knockout Mouse by James Calder (2002)
About Face by James Calder (2003)
In a Family Way by James Calder (2005)
Knife Music by David Carnoy (2010)
The Big Exit by David Carnoy (2012)
Raw Data by Sally Chapman (1991)
Love Bytes by Sally Chapman (1994)
Cyberkiss by Sally Chapman (1996)
Hardwired by Sally Chapman (1997)
The Immortal Game by Mark Coggins (1999)
Vulture Capital by Mark Coggins (2002)
The Wedding Game by Susan Holtzer (2000)
The Blue Nowhere by Jeffery Deaver (2001)
Fault Line by Barry Eisler (2009)
Con Ed by Matthew Klein (2007)
High Tech Murder by Gisela Nesheim (1998) by Rand Newman (2000)
Murder in Red by Lynn Perry (2003)
Dot.Dead by Keith Raffel (2006)
Smasher by Keith Raffel (2009)
Hooked by Matt Richtel (2007)
Patterns in Silicon by Maureen Robb (2004)
The Silicon Valley Connection by Joseph Rosenberger (1984)
California Roll by Roger L. Simon (1985)
Killer Code by John U. Walker (2006)
Blackout by Matt Ward (2001)
The Last Billable Hour by Susan Wolfe (1989)

San Jose
Don’t Turn Your Back on the Ocean by Janet Dawson (1994)
Murder is Only Skin Deep by L.V.Sims (1987)
Death is a Family Affair by L.V. Sims (1987)
To Sleep, Perchance to Kill by L.V. Sims (1988)
Wild Goose Chase by Terri Thayer (2008)
Old Maid’s Puzzle by Terri Thayer (2008)
No One is Innocent by Gayle Tiller (2001)
Night Songs by Fred Wiehe (2001)
Teardown by Victor Wuamett (1990)
Deeds of Trust by Victor Wuamett (1991)

Winchester Mystery House
Mystery House by Kathleen Norris (1939)
Death is a Family Affair by L.V. Sims (1987)
How to Survive a Killer Séance Penny Warner (2011)


Emma Chizzit and the Queen Anne Killer by Mary Bowen Hall (1992) [“Fairville”]

Mare Island/Vallejo
Mid Watch by Edward Ellsberg (1954)


Ragtime Cowboys by Loren D. Estleman (2014)
Both Ends of the Night by Marcia Muller (1997)
Incognito by Susan Trott (1983)

Bodega Bay
The Body in Bodega Bay by Betsy Draine and Michael Hinden (2014)
Revolution No. 9 by Neil McMahon (2005)

Jack London State Historic Park
Wolf House by Jack Lynch (2002)

Russian River Region
An Equal Opportunity Death by Susan Dunlap (1984)
The Bohemian Connection by Susan Dunlap (1984)
The Last Annual Slugfest by Susan Dunlap (1986)
Shades of Blue by Bill Moody (2008)
Fade to Blue by Bill Moody (2011)
Nothing But the Night by Bill Pronzini (1999)
Nameless Dame by Bart Schneider (2012)
Full House by Shelley Singer (1986)

Santa Rosa
The Man in Gray by Frances Crane (1958)
Rocking the Cradle by Nancy Baker Jacobs (1996)
Cat and Mouse by Michael Newton (1995)

Sonoma Valley
Sonoma Rose by Jennifer Chiaverini (2012)
Vintage Polo by Jerry Kennealy (1993)
Grand Cru by Barney Leason (2001)
Dark Star by Marcia Muller (1989)
Murder by the Glass by Michele Scott (2006)
Blood Vines by Erica Spindler (2010)
Murder Will Travel by Emily Toll (2002)


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