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Newspaper and Periodical Indexes for California

San Francisco Newspapers Index
San Francisco Chronicle Index
San Francisco Call Index
San Francisco Bulletin Index
California News Index
Los Angeles Times Index
California History Magazine (CA Historical Society)
California Historical Society Quarterly
California Historical Quarterly
California Periodicals Index
Bancroft Information File
California Information File

See Newspapers and Microforms Room in 50 Doe (Main Library) for newpapers on microfilm

San Francisco Newspapers Index : 1904-1959
California Section, California State Library. 699 microfiches

List of headings: microfiches 1-4.
Index to:

  • San Francisco Call (January 1, 1904 - August 31, 1913)

  • San Francisco Examiner (September 1, 1913 - September 23, 1928)

  • San Francisco Chronicle (September 1, 1913 - December 31, 1949)

News/Micro: MICROFICHE.10904
Bancroft: Microfiche 650 (Reading Room: Table 8)

Note: Users' guide, in portfolio, has call no.:
Reference Counter Microfiche 650 Guide (Table 8)

San Francisco Chronicle Index : 1950-1980
California Section, California State Library. 277 microfiches

List of headings: microfiches 1-4.
Continues the index for the years 1913-1949
(see San Francisco Newspapers Index).

News/Micro: MICROFICHE.10503
Bancroft: Microfiche 649 (Reading Room: Table 8)

Note: Users' guide to the San Francisco Chronicle index housed at Reference Counter with call no.:
Reference Counter Microfiche 649 Guide (Table 8)

San Francisco Call Index (1894-1903)

Index is on three separate reels.

  • 1894-1898 (v. 1-3)
  • 1899-1903 (v. 1-2)

News/Micro: FILM-N

San Francisco Bulletin Index, 1855-1872

Bancroft: Heller Reading Room: card file; 4 drawers

California News Index

Claremont, Calif. : Center for California Public Affairs, 1970-1975.

Bancroft: F866.C244
News/Micro: AJ3.C16

Los Angeles Times Index, 1972-

News/Micro: AJ21.L65.N4

California Historical Society Quarterly

San Francisco, California Historical Society
Continued by: California Historical Quarterly

California Historical Quarterly

Continues: California Historical Society Quarterly
Continued by: California History

Bancroft: F856.C257 Reference
Library has: INDEXES: v.1-40, v.6-27, v.41-54

California Periodicals Index

[Mankato, Minn. : Gabriel Micrographics, 1977?]

Main Stack: F856.A12.C2
Library has: BOUND 1978(1)-1988(11), 1991(14)-1992(15)

Bancroft: Z1223.5.C2.C38
Library has: BOUND 1(1978)-12(1989)

Bancroft Information File
The Information File is an index (by name or subject) to some of Bancroft's older printed resources. It includes citations to biographies in some county histories, obituaries, magazine articles, and some manuscripts. Card file in the reading room.

California Information File, 1846-1985
The California information file contains citations to information relating to California found in the resource collections of the California State Library. 550 microfiches (Reading Room: Table 8). See also Users' Guide, by Richard Terry (20 pp.), has call no.: Reference Counter Microfiche 645 Guide (Reading Room: Table 8).

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