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Instruction and Class Use

Seminar rooms:
Three seminar rooms and a press room are available for faculty and classes engaged in course work and research projects based upon Bancroft Library materials. Each seminar room comfortably seats 18 people. Additional seating up to 15 can be accommodated upon request.

Faculty members must reserve the use of these rooms for individual or weekly class meetings. The Bancroft Library cannot guarantee the availability of a room without a reservation.

Make a seminar room reservation
Request Bancroft Library materials for a seminar
Curatorial consultation and assistance
Guidelines for using materials in seminar rooms
Check-in procedures for instructors and participants

Seminar room reservations

To arrange a date and time for a seminar, please contact Lee Anne Titangos, (510) 642-6540, a minimum of one week before the date of the seminar. Requests made without a seven-day notice cannot be accommodated.

Please note: Seminar Rooms can only be reserved Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 5pm. The Bancroft Library cannot accommodate sessions that run later than 5pm.

If you leave a telephone or email message, we will confirm the availability of the room requested within 24 hours. Please do not assume that a request is confirmed without a telephone or electronic mail confirmation.

Special equipment may also be reserved. Please inform us if you need any of the following:

  • Laptop
  • Laptop projector
  • Projector document camera
  • Television and VCR/DVD player

Request Bancroft Library materials for a seminar

All requests for materials must be submitted at least 1 week prior to the seminar. Last minute requests cannot be accommodated. There is a limit of 15 items per session. Viewing additional requests will require another meeting. In addition, the Library reserves the right to restrict access to certain material.

In order to reserve Bancroft Library materials for classes, please fill out the Materials Request Form. Completed forms must be sent to Lee Anne Titangos.

If you need assistance in choosing material for a seminar, please consult the Bancroft curators.

Via the online form, please provide the following information:

  • Instructor name
  • Course title & number
  • Name of room reserved
  • All dates and times for which the materials are needed
  • Call number of item(s)
  • Title of item(s)
  • Date after which materials may be returned to the stacks or,
    for extended holds, what date may they be discharged

Curatorial consultation and assistance

If you require assistance in choosing material for a seminar, Bancroft curators are available for consultation. In addition, curators can also assist in teaching seminars on subjects that fall within their purview.

David Faulds
Rare Books and Literary Manuscripts
(510) 642-1839 |

Theresa Salazar
Western Americana
(510) 643-8153 |

Jack von Euw
Pictorial Collections
(510) 642-1685 |

Todd Hickey
(510) 642-4556 |

Guidelines for Bancroft Seminar Rooms

Downloadable PDF: Please distribute to students prior to visit.

The following items are prohibited in the seminar rooms:

  • Food and drink (including water bottles)
  • Pens, highlighters, and markers
  • Backpacks, bags, and containers (including laptop cases)
  • Cameras (no photography allowed)
  • Umbrellas

The above items must be put away in the lockers provided. Lockers require a quarter to operate. The quarters are refundable, and may be borrowed from the Security Desk.

Each class attendee may bring in the following paper items:

  • Sheets of loose/stapled paper
  • ONE notebook or pad of paper (no pockets)

The faculty leader of each class assumes responsibility for the safety and preservation of research materials following the Guidelines for the Care and Handling of Bancroft Material. All individuals participating should be aware of these rules:

  • Hands should be washed prior to handling materials during the seminar.
  • All materials examined at seminars should be handled with great care, and should be handled as little as possible. Seminar participants should be instructed to gather around the object, which should be placed on a book stand/foam cradle to minimize handling.
  • Large books and manuscripts as well as books with weak or damaged bindings should always be placed on a book stand or foam cradle for viewing. "Snakes" (special weights used to hold books open) will be provided upon request. Nothing else should be placed on books to prop volumes open.
  • For special handling considerations, consult the Reference Desk.

Check-in procedures for instructors and participants

Seminar instructors:

  • Inform the Security Desk of your arrival. Any items you bring will be visually inspected.
  • Wait for a Bancroft staff member to escort you to the seminar room.

Seminar participants:

  • All seminar participants will be visually inspected for prohibited items, and will be asked to place such items away in the lockers provided.
  • Everyone must sign in on the class roster sheet supplied by Bancroft staff.

After the seminar:

  • Send a student to inform the Registration desk that the material may be removed. Material must never be left unattended: please remain with the material until it is collected by Bancroft staff.
  • Alert staff if material needs to be placed on hold for subsequent class use. Unless otherwise notified, all materials will be re-shelved.
  • Please return the daily roster sheet to the Registration Desk.
  • When leaving past the Security Desk, please form a line and present notebooks/folders/books/laptops to be checked. Everyone must be inspected upon exiting as per The Bancroft Library policy.

Seminar Rooms

Baldwin G. Lamson Seminar Room

Location: Room 375, Third Floor
Capacity: Table seats 18, up to 15 perimeter seating
AirBears, chalkboard, art display easel, projector screen

Jean and Irving Stone Seminar Room

Location: Room 373, Third Floor
Capacity: Table seats 18, up to 15 perimeter seating
AirBears, art display easel, projector screen
Note: This room houses a portion of the Irving Stone collection.

Krouzian Seminar Room

Location: Room 371, Third Floor
Capacity: Table seats 18, up to 15 perimeter seating
AirBears, chalkboards, art display easel, projector screen

James D. Hart Press Room

Location: Room 377, Third Floor
AirBears, early hand printing presses, moveable type
Note: This room is reserved for the UGIS 140 course, "The Hand Printed Book in its Historical Context"

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