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The Bancroft Library now allows personal cameras to be used in the Reading Room. There will be a $10 charge per day. Please refer to the Personal Camera Use page for further info on the Library's policies.

Duplication Services Unit

Copyright Notice
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Services and Fees

Photocopy Services and Fees
Photographic Services and Fees
Personal Camera Fees
Filming in The Bancroft Library Fees

Photocopy Services and Fees

Onsite services
Offsite services
Interlibrary services

Onsite Services

Although the collections of The Bancroft library do not circulate, the Duplication Services Unit produces photocopies and photographic reproductions for researchers in the Heller Reading Room, as well as for those who cannot visit the library.

Photocopies for on-site requestors are provided at the following rates:

8" x 11" per exposure

11" x 17" per exposure

Copies from individually cataloged printed works



Copies from materials contained in manuscript collections



  • Note: Use of ledger-sized paper is generally limited to photocopies of maps or other large, single-sheet items; it cannot be used to allow two-pages-per ledger-size paper copying of large volumes.
  • Extremely large or complex manuscript orders may be subject to an Additional Labor Fee of $10 per hour, to be determined in consultation with the Duplication Services Unit staff.
  • If copies are to be mailed to the requestor, postage and handling fees are charged, as follows:


1-15 copies


16-30 copies


31-50 copies


51-100 copies


101-300 copies



1-25 copies


26-50 copies


51-100 copies


Offsite Services

Photocopies requested by mail are subject to a service fee of $20, which covers the costs of retrieval, copying and postage from a maximum of three bibliographic citations, as follows:

  • 1-50 copies from individually cataloged printed works. Additional copies are 40¢ each.
  • 1-25 copies from manuscript materials. Additional copies are 75¢ each.
  • Fees for photographic services are detailed elsewhere; please see Photographic Services and Fees.

Note: Because a signature is required on all orders, requests for photoduplication cannot be taken over the phone. Please write to:

  • Lee Anne Titangos, if the request involves photocopies or Inter-library Loan.
  • Lorna Kirwan, if the request involves digital scans, microfilming of original materials, or duplicate microfilm.

If you are unsure about whom to write, or have a more general reference inquiry, address your letter to Crystal Miles.

All outside requests for photocopies require prepayment. You will be sent an invoice or estimate for microfilming, and an order form if required. The signed order form must be returned with payment before an order can be processed.

Interlibrary Services

Although The Bancroft Library is a non-circulating facility, we do receive requests through UC Berkeley's Interlibrary Loan office. The following services are provided:


  • Photocopies from printed materials are provided for a fee of $17. However, this service is provided without charge to requestors from all University of California campuses. Material over 32 pages are not photocopied in their entirety due to conservation considerations. Requests for these materials will not be filled unless a lesser number of pages are specified.
  • Requests for photocopies from manuscript collections must be accompanied by a signed Interlibrary Loan Request for Manuscript Photocopies form. The fee of $20 for the first 25 pages and 75¢ for each additional page applies to ALL institutions, including University of California campuses.

Microfilm Loans

All requests, mailing, and billing for microfilm loans is handled by Interlibrary Borrowing Services in the Main Library (Doe). Microfilm is loaned under the following restrictions:

  • Positive microfilm may be loaned if The Bancroft Library holds a master negative.
  • Only four reels of microfilm can be borrowed per request.
  • Microfilm can be lent to university, college, research, and public libraries in the United States.
  • No film is lent outside the United States except to universities and colleges in Canada.
  • The fees for this service can be found at

Photographic Services and Fees

Available formats
Ordering process
Copyright and publication

The Bancroft Library collaborates with Digital Imaging and Preservation Microfilm Labs to fill photographic reproduction requests.

Digital Scans
The Digital Imaging Lab offers 24-bit TIFF, RGB formatted digital image files at a size of approximately 100 MB. The resolution of these digital images is 600ppi at 8x10 inches. The fee for a digital scan created from original material is $33. The fee for a digital scan created from an existing image file is $17. There is an additional service charge of $12 per order.

Duplicate microfilm is produced from pre-existing negative microfilm, and is priced at $110 per reel (regardless of the number of exposures on the particular reel).

PDFs may also be made from microfilm at the following rate:

Entire reel
Quality of existing microfilm may need
to be confirmed first


Portion of reel
Maximum page count may apply

1-25 scans: $20
Additional scans: 70¢

For new filming, the requestor must pay for the production of negative microfilm, but will receive positive film for use; the negative film is retained by The Bancroft Library. Most printed materials are filmed at two printed pages per exposure, but larger volumes may be filmed at one page per exposure. Tabloid-sized newspapers can usually be filmed at two pages per exposure, and standard newspaper formats at one page per exposure. Some unbound manuscript materials may be filmed at two pages per exposure. (All questions regarding the mode of filming will be taken into account in the preparation of a microfilm estimate.) Each microfilm order requires one reel and box set for every 750 exposures. Landcases require special handling, and are charged at a higher rate. Extremely time-consuming microfilm projects (such as very brittle newspapers or letterpress books) are charged at the special handling rate.

Routine book and print filming

60¢ per exposure

Newspaper and manuscripts filming

80¢ per exposure

Service charge per order


Minimum charge for all microfilm orders


Preparation of an order for transmittal to the Digital Imaging and Preservation Microfilm Labs may take one to three working days. Please give a daytime phone number where you may be contacted if problems arise in preparation. The Preservation Microfilm Lab completes most orders for microfilm duplication within eight weeks of receipt from The Bancroft Library. Digital orders are usually completed within ten business days.

Most orders must be prepaid. Acceptable forms of payment are:

  • Cash (for onsite orders; it is not advisable to mail cash)
  • Check (payable to the UC Regents)
  • Interdepartmental charge, Intercampus charge
  • Printed purchase order from an established business or institution
  • Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover)

California sales tax is levied on all Preservation Microfilm Lab orders except:

  • those shipped to an address outside California
  • those paid by IOC, ICC, or recharge account
  • those accompanied by a state-issued resale number
  • those that involve loans of negatives or transparancies
  • those generated by the Federal government

Orders to be shipped within the U.S. are sent via FedEx.

Shipping and Handling Fees



International shipments

By quote

Note: Large orders are more than 8 reels of microfilm.

Copyright and Publication
Photographic reproductions are supplied for reference purposes only. Neither The Bancroft Library nor the Digital Imaging and Preservation Microfilm Labs are responsible for the misuse of copyrighted material. Permission to publish photographic material must be applied for in writing (contact the Permissions Officer, Crystal Miles), and use fees may be charged; however, permission to publish does not constitute a copyright clearance. Permission to publish other materials from The Bancroft Library must be obtained in writing from the Permissions Officer, Crystal Miles.

Personal Camera Fees

The Bancroft Library now allows personal cameras to be used in the Reading Room. There is a $10 charge per day. For policies and procedures, please refer to

Filming in The Bancroft Library Fees

All filming requests within the Bancroft Library must be scheduled at least fifteen business days in advance of the requested date. There is a service fee of $300 per hour, including set up and break down. For policies and procedures regarding this service, please refer to

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