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The Bancroft Library now allows personal cameras to be used in the Reading Room. There will be a $10 charge per day. Please refer to the Personal Camera Use page for further info on the Library's policies.

Duplication Services Unit

Mailing Address:
Duplication Services Unit
The Bancroft Library
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720-6000

Copyright Notice
Online Forms

Manuscript materials
Printed materials
Large format materials
Architectural drawings

Xerographic Reproduction
Lee Anne Titangos
(510) 642-6540

Photographic Duplication and Microfilming
Lorna Kirwan
(510) 643-4594

Audio/Visual Duplication and Permissions
Crystal Miles
(510) 643-2437


The Duplication Services Unit is responsible for providing, where possible, xerographic or photographic copies of Bancroft Library materials. Because the library's holdings vary widely in terms of rarity, condition and format, each request for reproduction will be reviewed by staff. General guidelines, however, are contained in a comprehensive Policies/Procedures section.

Online forms for photocopy and photographic reproduction are available.

Prices and procedures for photocopying vary, depending on whether the item to be photocopied is printed material or manuscript material, and whether the order is placed at the library, by mail, or via interlibrary loan. For further information, please consult the Services/Fees section.

Materials deemed too fragile for photocopying may, where condition permits, be suitable for microfilming. Once an item has been microfilmed, the original may no longer be photocopied, but pdfs may be made in person with the microfilm scanning machine.

Photographic Reproduction
Through the Digital Imaging and Preservation Microfilm Labs, the Bancroft Library offers a wide range of photographic services: digital scans, and original and duplicate microfilming. For details, see Services/Fees. This section also contains information on obtaining permission to publish pictorial images. Most requests for publication are subject to use fees.

Duplication of large format material, architectural drawings, and all audiovisual materials is performed by outside contractors, and is arranged through consultation with Crystal Miles.

Bancroft material may be available for use in publications. For information about permissions and associated use fees, go to the Online Forms and select Request for Permission to Publish/Letter Agreement form, or contact Crystal Miles.

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