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The rules below are designed to protect Library collections while providing the best possible service to our readers. Your signature on The Bancroft Library registration form indicates that you agree to these conditions. Bancroft Library readers must be at least 18, or have graduated from high school. Current UCB photo identification is adequate for registration. Others must present two forms of identification (at least one containing a photograph).

  1. Bancroft Library Collections are non-circulating.
  2. The Reading Room is reserved for the use of Bancroft materials only.
  3. No ink may be used in the Reading Room. (Pencils are available.)
  4. Patrons may bring in the following paper items:
    • Up to THREE sheets of loose paper
    • One notebook OR pad of paper (no pockets)

    No folders, binders, envelopes, boxes, cases, bags, or other containers. Wallets are not to exceed 5"x4". Coats and umbrellas must be stored in the locker room. Coin operated lockers are available for a quarter (refundable).
  5. All items taken in and out of the Reading Room must be submitted for inspection at the Security Desk AND the Registration Desk. Laptops must be opened for inspection.
  6. NO SCANNERS are permitted in the Library. Eating, drinking and smoking are prohibited throughout the Library. The Bancroft Library is under camera surveillance.
  7. Tape recorders and portable computers may be used. Cameras are permitted only in conformity with Bancroft policy.


  • After signing in you will be given a reader's card on which you must print your name. Please show your Reader's Card each time you submit paging requests.
  • Please show you Reader's Card each time you reenter the Reading Room. Thank you for returning the card to the Registration Desk when exiting for the day.


  • All printed and manuscript materials may be located using UCB online catalogs. Terminals are located throughout the Reading Room.
  • Finding aids for many manuscript collections, and sometimes digitized images from our collections, may be found on the web through the Library home page
  • For subject reference assistance, consult staff at the Reference Desk.


  • Fill out a paging slip for each requested item. Slips are found at the Service Island and throughout the room. Each slip should be filled out completely, including call number, author, initial title words, today's date, your reader number and seat location. Please print clearly.
  • Up to four paging slips can be submitted to the Circulation Desk. During times of high use it may be necessary to accept fewer requests. Please remember to present your Reader's Card each time you submit paging slips.
  • It takes approximately ten to twenty minutes to retrieve materials.
  • Material shelved off campus at the Northern Regional Library Facility (NRLF) is available at 10 AM three working days after the initial request. We allow two weeks for patrons to return to make initial use before returning material to NRLF.
  • To determine what Bancroft materials are stored at NRLF, please consult OskiCat, the UCB Library catalog. The items' location will be designated as Bancroft (NRLF).
  • Please return material to Circulation Desk. Please alert Desk staff for help with oversize material, or if you need assistance.
  • Items should be placed on "lunch hold" if you leave the Library. Hold slips should be filled out and placed in items you wish to hold for two days or longer. Please consult Desk staff about holding materials.
  • Bancroft material, both on-site and in NRLF, may be requested in advance via the Online Bancroft Material Request Form. Up to 5 physical items may be requested per day. Items will be returned 2 weeks after your planned date(s) of visit if they are not viewed. To ensure receipt of material, please submit your order at least a week prior to your visit.
    • Restictions: Vault, MTP, CTP, TYP, Map, Oversized (ff, fff, pff, pfff), Restricted, and Unprocessed material MUST be requested in person, NOT online.


  • Books should not be held open with such items as notebooks or other books. Flexible book weights ("snakes") and bookstands are available at the Circulation Desk.
  • No marks may be made in Bancroft materials; annotations found in Bancroft materials should not be removed.
  • Manuscript and other looseleaf material require special care; often additional time is needed to circulate them. Please maintain their arrangement. Suspected irregularities in arrangement, etc. should be brought to the attention of the staff at the Reference Desk.
  • Materials must be returned to the Circulation Desk 15 minutes prior to closing.


  • PHOTOCOPY/MICROFILM: The Bancroft Library's Photoduplication Service will make photocopies of materials subject to copyright restrictions and concern for the physical preservation of the original. Please consult our Photoduplication Policy leaflet for policy guidelines. Request forms are available at the Reference Desk. Fill out the order form completely, including signature, and mark the range of pages needed with pink slips. The Reference staff must review ALL photocopy requests. In certain cases (such as bound manuscripts or large orders) microfilming will be required. Prepayment is required.
  • PHOTOGRAPHS: Photographs may not be photocopied. Consult the Photographic Services Cost sheet for reproduction formats available. Order forms are available at the Reference Desk. Prepayment is required.

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