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About Our Keepsakes

Every year since 1949, the Friends of The Bancroft Library have published a Keepsake of a unique item in Bancroft’s collections, or of a short study based on them. The Bancroft Keepsakes are handsomely printed limited publications that are often the first edition of a rare manuscript or document owned by The Bancroft Library. Members of the Friends of The Bancroft Library who currently donate $250 or more each fiscal year receive a Keepsake in appreciation of their generosity.

Select Keepsakes, as well as Non-keepsake editions of several titles, are available for purchase through The Bancroft Store.

2013: Keepsake 58

Literary Industries: Chasing a Vanishing West

A bookseller in San Francisco during the Gold Rush, Hubert Howe Bancroft (1832-1918) rose to become the man who would define the early history of California and the West. Creating what he called a "history factory," he assembled a vast library of over sixty thousand books, maps, letters, and documents; hired scribes to copy material in private hands; employed interviewers to capture the memories of early Spanish and Mexican settlers; and published multiple volumes sold throughout the country by his subscription agents. In 1890 he published an eight-hundred-page autobiography, aptly entitled Literary Industries.

Literary Industries sparkles with the exuberance of nineteenth-century California and introduces us to a man of great complexity and wit. Edited for the modern reader and yet relating the history of the West as it was taking place — and as it was being recorded — Kim Bancroft's edition of Literary Industries is a joy to read.

Past Keepsakes

*For detailed information of each Keepsake, please click on its respective title*

Keepsake 57
By Sail for San Francisco

Keepsake 56
Beyond Words: 200 Years of Illustrated Diaries

Keepsake 55
A Beaux-Arts Education: The Architectural Education of Arthur Brown Jr. at the École des Beaux-Arts Paris, France 1897 - 1903

Keepsake 54
California as an Island: Maps from the Library

Keepsake 53
The Chinese Experience in California: Through Western Eyes, 1878 - 1902

Keepsake 52
Personal Memoranda: Samuel Hopkins Willey: The Journal of His Voyage to California, 1848-1849

Keepsake 51
Past Tents: The Way We Camped

Keepsake 50
Exploring The Bancroft Library

Keepsake 49
A Honeyman Portfolio: Images of Early California

Keepsake 48
Bear in Mind: The California Grizzly

Keepsake 47
Mark Twain: Press Critic

Keepsake 46
Songs of the Cowboys

Keepsake 45
Uncertain Country

Keepsake 44
The Recipe Book of Lillie Hitchcock Coit

Keepsake 43
The Poet’s Eye: A Tribute to Lawrence Ferlinghetti and City Lights Books

Keepsake 42
Frontier Reminiscences of Eveline Brooks Auerbach

Keepsake 41
Harriet Martineau and America: Selected Letters from the Richard S. Speck Collection

Keepsake 40
The Diary of Captain Luis Antonio Arguello, 1821: The Last Spanish Expedition in California

Keepsake 39
The Legacy of James D. Hart at the Bancroft Library

Keepsake 38
A Yosemite Camping Trip, 1889

Keepsake 37
Kipling in California

Keepsake 36
Three Memoirs of Mexican California

Keepsake 35
Through the Black Curtain

Keepsake 34
Nineteenth Century Illustrators of California Sights and Scenes

Keepsake 33
The Grangerford-Shepherdson Feud

Keepsake 32
The Year of the Young Rebels Revisited

Keepsake 31
The Show of Science

Keepsake 30
The Story of a Story & Three Stories

Keepsake 29
Wapping Alice

Keepsake 28
Nine Classic California Photographers

Keepsake 27
The Voyage of Sir Francis Drake

Keepsake 26
Telling Stories

Keepsake 25
The Actor from Point Arena

Keepsake 24
Una and Robin

Keepsake 23
California Indian Characteristics

Keepsake 22
Recollections of Old Times in California

Keepsake 21
Some Treasures of The Bancroft Library

Keepsake 20
The Great Landslide Case

Keepsake 19
A Sailor’s Sketch of the Sacramento Valley in 1842

Keepsake 18
A Visit to California 1841

Keepsake 17
The Life of George Henry Goddard

Keepsake 16
A Kid on the Comstock

Keepsake 15
Valley of Salt, Memories of Wine: Journal of the Death Valley, 1849

Keepsake 14
Desert Rats

Keepsake 13
GPH: An Informal Record of George P. Hammond

Keepsake 12
A Journey to California, 1841

Keepsake 11
Rose or Rose Thorn?

Keepsake 10
Mexico: Ancient and Modern

Keepsake 9
The Ralston-Fry Wedding

Keepsake 8
American Images of Spanish California

Keepsake 7
Stockton Boyhood

Keepsake 6
The Mariposa Indian War 1850-1851: Diaries of Robert Eccleston

Keepsake 5
Ramblings in California: The Adventure of Henry Cerruti

Keepsake 4
The Opening of the California Trail

Keepsake 3
A Description of California in 1828

Keepsake 2
Overland to California on the Southwestern Trail, 1849: Diary of Robert Eccleston

Keepsake 1
The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, February 2, 1848

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