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Council Members:

Chair: Timothy Hachman
Vice Chair: B. Bradley Barber
Secretary: Elaine Tennant
Treasurer: David Y. Lei

Linda Saag Baker
Kim Bancroft
Leslie Borasi
George G. Breed
Christine Lee Campbell
Robert J. Chandler
Susan Honeyman Crawford
Edwin M. Epstein
James T. Fousekis
Shelby M. Gans
Joseph Genshlea
Robert B. Green Jr.
Frederick F. Gregory
Sophie Hahn
Jerry Hallisey
Tamra C. Hege
Sheila M. Humphreys
Bruce J. Janigian
Debra L. Kasper
Deborah Kirshman
Betsy Leland Link
Mary E. MacDonald
Thomas McKeever
Richard Morrison
Theresa Salazar
Fidela Schneider
Thomas Schwartzburg
Julia Flynn Siler
Camilla Smith
Richard Tavernetti
Richard Walker
Thomas Woodhouse

Advisory Board
Florence Fang
David P. Gardner
Robert D. Haas
Robert L. Hass
Thelton Henderson
Maxine Hong Kingston

Adjunct Members
Nominating Committee: Midge Zischke
Publications Committee: Ben McClinton and James Spitze
Outreach Committee: George Saywell
Events Committee: Alexandra Marston, Beverly Maytag, George Saywell, and Cathy Spieker
Beyond the Bay Committee: Dorothy Matthiessen and Katherine Schwarzenbach

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