Guide To Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the Huntington Library


BA 29 Cartulary of Battle Abbey England, s. XIIIex, XIVin
EL 7 H 9 Roman law, fragments Italy, s. XIV1; England, s. XIV
EL 9 H 4 Bible England, s. XIII2
EL 9 H 10 Statutes England, s. XV2
EL 9 H 11 Priscian England, s. XII2/4
EL 9 H 15 Martyrology and customal England, s. XIV2-XVImed
EL 9 H 17 Psalter England, s. XIV1
EL 34 A 8 Statutes England, s. XIVmed
EL 34 B 7 Processional England, s. XVIin
EL 35 B 53 Gradual France, s. XIII2
FI 5096 Miscellany Italy, s. XVex
HM 1 Towneley cycle England, s. XV/XVI
HM 3 Bale, King Johan England, ca. 1538, ca. 1558-60
HM 34 Portolan atlas France, ca. 1600
HM 39 Portolan atlas Macao (?), ca. 1630
HM 42 Portolan charts Majorca (?), ca. 1575
HM 47 Portolan chart France (?), ca. 1620
HM 49 Traicté de peyne France, s. XVI1
HM 50 Juvenal; Persius Southern Italy, s. XVex
HM 51 Bible England (?), s. XIII1,2
HM 65 Ptolemy, Almagest Southern France, 1279
HM 111 Hoccleve, Poems England, s. XV1/4
HM 113 Brut Chronicle England, s. XVmed
HM 124 Speculum christiani England, s. XVmed
HM 125 Prick of Conscience England, s. XIV/XV
HM 130 Prick of Conscience England, s. XIV/XV
HM 131 Brut Chronicle England, s. XV3/4
HM 132 Higden, Polychronicon England, s. XIVmed
HM 133 Brut Chronicle England, s. XV2
HM 136 Brut Chronicle England, s. XVmed
HM 137 Piers Plowman England, s. XIV/XV
HM 139 Prick of Conscience England, s. XVmed
HM 142 Religious prose and verse England, s. XVmed, 1467
HM 143 Piers Plowman England, s. XIVex
HM 148 Rolle, Psalter; etc. England, s. XVmed, in
HM 182 Cavendish, Life of Wolsey England, s. XVI/XVII
HM 183 Album England, s. XV2, XVI1, ex
HM 452 Misogonus England, ca. 1577
HM 504 Rolle, on Job England, s. XVex or XVIin
HM 627 Miscellany Netherlands or England, s. XIImed
HM 744 Didactic pieces; Hoccleve England, s. XV1/4-med
HM 773 Report on Milan Italy, s. XVIex
HM 906 Statutes England, s. XIV2
HM 923 Statutes England, s. XIV2/4
HM 930 Statutes England, s. XV2/4
HM 946 Statutes England, s. XIV1
HM 1030 Virgil, Aeneid Italy, s. XIVmed
HM 1034 Chronicles Spain, s. XIVmed
HM 1035 Aristotle, De animalibus Southern Italy, s. XIII2
HM 1038 Ovid, Works Italy, s. XVex
HM 1041 Psalter, with collects Southern Italy, s. XVex
HM 1043 Evangeliary Germany, s. XIImed
HM 1044 Martyrology Germany, s. XV2
HM 1048 Devotions, in Dutch Northeastern Netherlands, 1439
HM 1049 Dominican breviary Northern France, s. XVmed
HM 1050 Psalter Flanders, s. XIVin
HM 1051 Ritual Germany, 1593
HM 1054 Psalter Northern France, s. XIIIex
HM 1064 Psalter Southern Italy, s. XVex
HM 1066 Dominican diurnal Southern Germany, s. XVex
HM 1069 Bible Italy, s. XIIImed
HM 1070 Bible France, s. XIIImed
HM 1071 Bible France, s. XIII2
HM 1072 Bible France, s. XIII2
HM 1073 Bible France, s. XIII2
HM 1074 Bible France, s. XIIImed
HM 1075 Bible Netherlands, s. XIIImed
HM 1078 Pontifical Southern France (?), s. XIVex
HM 1079 Cistercian missal Bohemia, s. XIII2
HM 1080 Bible Florence, 1452-53
HM 1083 Bible Italy, s. XIII1
HM 1084 Bible Italy, s. XIV1
HM 1089 Antiphonal Germany(?), s. XVIII2
HM 1101 Book of hours, use of Rome France, s. XVIin, XVmed
HM 1125 Book of hours, Sarum use Flanders or northern France, s. XVmed
HM 1140 Devotions, in Dutch Northwestern Netherlands, s. XVex
HM 1155 Book of hours, in Dutch Netherlands, s. XVmed
HM 1158 Offices Italy, s. XVIIin
HM 1159 Book of hours, fragment England (?), s. XVin
HM 1162 Book of hours, use of Rome Spain and Flanders, s. XVI1
HM 1176 Prayerbook Germany, s. XVIin
HM 1179 Book of hours France, s. XVin
HM 1180 Book of hours France, s. XV4/4
HM 1249 Devotions Netherlands, s. XV2
HM 1342 Historical miscellany England (?), s. XVmed
HM 1548 Portolan chart Italy, s. XVex
HM 1555 Antiphonal Germany, s. XVmed
HM 1729 Student notebook France, s. XVIex
HM 1788 Derrotero Spain, s. XVI/XVII
HM 2098 Portolan chart England, s. XVIIin
HM 15241 Year book, fragment England, s. XIV1/4
HM 19079 Medical treatises England, s. XV1/4
HM 19914 Pastoral collection England, s. XIIImed
HM 19915 Augustine; Pomerius England, s. XII/XIII
HM 19918 Missal, Sarum use England, s. XIV1, XV1-ex
HM 19920 Statutes England, s. XV1/4
HM 25772 Lectionary Italy, s. XVex
HM 25776 Bible Italy, s. XIII2
HM 25782 Statutes England, s. XIIIex
HM 26061 Bible and missal England, s. XIIImed
HM 26560 Mariale England, s. XIVmed
HM 26960 Florilegium England, s. XIIIin
HM 27186 Statutes, roll England, s. XIIIex, XIVmed
HM 28175 Book of hours, Sarum use Northern France, s. XVin
HM 30986 Sarum manual England, s. XIV/XV
HM 31052 Gradual, fragment Bohemia (?), s. XIV/XV
HM 31189 Peter Riga, Aurora England, s. XIVex
HM 31543 Gradual Northern Italy, s. XV
HM 36337 Florilegium England, s. XIIIin
HM 36701 Devotions Flanders (?), s. XVI1
HM 37539 Rosarium England, s. XV1
HM 39467 Prayer roll France, s. XVex
HM 41785 Sacramentary, fragment Northern France, ca. 860-880
HM 45146 Cartulary, fragment England, s. XIII/XIV
HM 47543 Antiphonal France, 1702
HM 48048 Antiphonal Italy, s. XVII
HM 49124 Devotions Germany, s. XV2
RB 86299 Oswald, Opus pacis France, before 1428
RB 86438 Palladius Italy, s. XVex
RB 102160 Penitentiarius Germany, s. XVmed
RB 103500-01 Pastoral miscellany Germany, ca. 1478-80
RB 104537 Durandellus Paderborn, etc., 1470(?)-92

The following manuscripts received too late for inclusion in regular sequence:


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