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HM 15241

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YEAR BOOK, fragment
England, s. XIV1/4
ff. 1-4v: Fragment of a year book containing assizes of novel disseisin, including the following names of speakers as they occur in the text (information from J. H. Baker, The Order of Serjeants at Law, London 1983, appendix IV and from G. O. Sayles, Select Cases in the Court of King’s Bench under Edward I, Selden Society 55, London 1936, pp. cxxix-cxli): Gilbert de Toutheby (narrator by 1293, d. by 1328); Robert de Malberthorpe (narrator by 1299, judge from 1320, d. by 1332); William Herle (narrator by 1300, judge by 1320); Edmund de Passelewe (narrator by 1299, Baron of the Exchequer by 1323); Nicholas de Warrewik (narrator by 1287, d. by 1311); Geoffrey de Hertilpole (narrator by 1291, d. ca. 1324); Gilbert of Roubury (judge of the king’s bench 1295-1316, judge of the common bench 1316-1321); “Scrop,” either Henry (narrator by 1292, judge from 1308, d. 1336) or Geoffrey (serjeant in 1309, judge from 1323, d. 1340); John de Cantebrigge (serjeant from 1309, judge from 1329, d. before June 1335); John de Wescote (narrator by 1300, d. after 1316); Henry le Spigurnel (narrator by 1291, d. 1328); John de Ingham (serjeant in 1309, d. after 1325); John de Stonore (serjeant from 1311, judge from 1320, d. 1354); “Bradford,” perhaps John de Bradenstoke (narrator by 1293); Walter de Friskeney (narrator by 1293; judge from 1323, probably d. by 1328); John de Haverington (narrator by 1292); “Cave”; Roger de Scoter (narrator by 1291, Baron of the Exchequer in 1310, d. by 1312); “Cressing[ham]”; William de Kellaw (narrator by 1286, known until 1292); William Howard (narrator in 1293-94, judge from 1297, d. ca. 1308); William de Bereford (narrator by 1285, judge from 1292, d. 1326); Adam de Kyngeshemede (narrator by 1276, known until 1312); Ralph de Stalinburgh (narrator by 1294, known until 1301); John of Mettingham (judge of the common bench 1290-1301). The following names of parties appear: Mestre Thomas; Roger vs. John; Robert le Orfevre and his wife Joan vs. William Dewere; William de Norton vs. William de Haston; Robert Turry and his wife Beatrice vs. John de Coverelle; Robert de Stureye vs. James, Alice de T. and her son Geoffrey; Henry vs. Robert and Richard; John de Thornton vs. Robert de Holoynd; Renald son of Renald vs. Renald son of John and William de N.; John Benk vs. A. de N.; John son of Giles de Brewes; Thomas Corbridge archbishop of York (1300-04) vs. Davy de Kauode. Parchment, ff. 4; 227 × 163 (205 × 142) mm. 2 bifolia, possibly not consecutive. 43-50 long lines, ruled in lead; slash prick marks. Written in an anglicana script. Marginalia in the hand of the scribe. Formerly bound, s. XIX, in Middle Hill blue pasteboards with a fragment of a register of writs, now shelved separately as HM 15242. Written in England in the first quarter of the fourteenth century. Owned by Sir Thomas Phillipps; his n. 11002 in the lower margin of what is now f. 2. Acquired by the Huntington Library from Sotheby’s, 24 June 1935, lot 250. Bibliography: Aspects of Medieval England, n. 3 open at ff. 2v-3. Chronica, 2.
Aspects of Medieval England
Aspects of Medieval England: Manuscripts for Research in the Huntington Library, an Exhibition prepared for the Medieval Academy of America, 14 April 1972 [San Marino 1972]
J. Preston, “Medieval Manuscripts at the Huntington: Supplement to De Ricci’s Census,” Chronica: a Newsletter Published by the Medieval Association of the Pacific 21 (1977) 2-9

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