About the Project

The digitization and presentation of the materials in the website was generously supported by a grant from the National Italian American Foundation.

This project furthers The Bancroft Library's goal to make accessible to wider audiences the rich history of California. It is designed to give an introduction to the history of Italian immigrants and their descendants in the state of California, which began while still under Spanish control. This exhibit highlights people, industries, and neighborhoods that were vital in the creation of California, and their change over time, reflecting the overall change in California at large.

The text for the website was written by Dan Lee, a graduate student in the History Department at UC Berkeley. Images were selected by Chris McDonald in the Bancroft Pictorial Unit. The website was constructed by Brooke Dykman in the Systems DPG Department and Lee Anne Titangos in the Bancroft Public Services Department. The project was coordinated by David de Lorenzo.

The Bancroft Library appreciates the generous support of NIAF

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