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The website was constructed by faculty, staff, and student research assistants in the Office for History of Science and Technology and the Library at the University of California, Berkeley.

The History of Science & Technology Sources database updates and expands Rider's and Lowood's Guide to Sources in Northern California for History of Science and Technology published by the Office for History of Science and Technology in 1985. The initial phase of the project includes descriptions of primary source material in The Bancroft Library on the Berkeley campus; in the near future we expect to add holdings of the University Archives and the Berkeley Campus Office for History of Science and Technology and the Water Resources Center Archives. Periodically, and at least annually, we will update the database as new collections are acquired or catalogued.

As time and funding permit, we will add other repositories listed in the 1985 publication beginning with collections belonging to the northern campuses of the University of California, the National Laboratories, and Stanford University.

Image captions/credits:

Book page:
Elementa mathematica in libros XV distributa
[Italy, e greco in Latinum cum commento Hieronymi Campani : ca. 1460],

Photographs, left to right:

John, LeConte, (1818-1891)
Portrait photograph, 1879
Professor of Physics and President of the University, 1876-1881
Jones, Rulofson, photo

Ernest Orlando Lawrence, (1901-1958)
Portrait photograph, 1930
Directory of Radiation Laboratory
Watson Davis, photo

Agnes Fay Morgan

T.Y. Lin

Annie Montague Alexander, (1867-1950)
Portrait photograph, c1901
Donor of the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology and the Museum of Paleontology
Gift of Professor Savage, March 1971

The following contributed to the compilation, programming, and design of the History of Science & Technology Sources database: Cathryn L. Carson, David Farrell, Brooke Dykman, Lynne Grigsby-Standfill, Jane Rosario, Alex Wellerstein.

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