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Project Information

Goals and Limits of the Project
The main goal of the Honeyman Digital Archival Project, funded by the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA), was to make The Bancroft Library's Robert B. Honeyman Collection of Western Art available on the internet. As one of the premier sources of pictorial documentation of the history of California and the West, this collection is a valuable resource for teaching, learning, and research; access to which has primarily been limited to those who could travel to The Bancroft Library.

The Honeyman Digital Archiving Project sought to obtain full bibliographic control over the collection through creation of USMARC collection, series, and subseries records; a comprehensive and detailed online finding aid encoded using EAD (Encoded Archival Description) ; and archival digital images of all items hyperlinked to descriptions. The project followed cataloging rules established in Elisabeth W. Betz's Graphic Materials: rules for describing original items and historical collections and created internal conventions for data capture when necessary. The goal of the project was to create records sufficient for access to the collection, but did not allow for extensive research of the collection holdings. Item-level description relied primarily on pre-existing documentary resources for intellectual content, with other descriptive information (where available) taken directly from the item. Numerous sources were consulted regarding the content of the collection (see Bibliography), but more extensive research and documentation of the collection still remains to be done. Any correction or feedback regarding the collection should be directed to the Project Archivists (Eva Garcelon and Mary W. Elings) or the Pictorial Curator (Jack von Euw) of The Bancroft Library; Email:

Descriptive Standards and Methodology
This finding aid grew out of several existing documentary resources compiled about the Honeyman Collection since its acquisition in 1963. These included inventories, exhibition catalogs, sales catalog, shelf lists, and other documents related to the collection. Resources which existed in electronic form were converted and imported to serve as the basis for the project control database. The data records were then compiled, edited, expanded, and descriptive standards applied in order to provide more consistent and comprehensive descriptive information for each item in the collection.

Because the collection was primarily composed of original works of art and prints, the project looked at museum and visual resource standards for description in structuring the data to be captured at the item level. The following resources were consulted during the development of the descriptive standards of the project:

The Honeyman project was a participant and the first major contributor to the Museums and the Online Archive of California (MOAC) project. This collaborative project between libraries and museums seeks to establish best practices for including museum and special collections within the Online Archive of California (OAC). As a participant, the Honeyman project followed guidelines agreed upon by the MOAC partners. For descriptive elements, the project used the REACH element set; for granularity of description, the project used the Categories for the Description of Works of Art (CDWA); and for data markup, the Encoded Archival Description (EAD) standard, an SGML platform independent encoding standard maintained by the Library of Congress. It is hoped that the Honeyman project will, along with the other participants involved in the MOAC project, serve as a model for the implementation of the EAD standard for similar collections.

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Imaging decisions
List of catalogs and exhibits
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