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Dr. S. Corbin and family of Forest City, Calif. [ca. 1855-1860], The Bancroft Library


Independent historian of photography Peter Palmquist was hired as a consultant and contractor for the project. He performed the physical treatment and stabilization of the objects and made observations of each item to assist in cataloging. Mr. Palmquist worked in consultation with library conservator Nancy Harris, the Archivist for Pictorial Collections, and the Curator of Pictorial Collections. He was assisted by conservation technician Lorna Kirwan.

Lorna Kirwan, conservation technician, assisted Mr. Palmquist with the physical treatment of the cased photographs. She performed tasks such as cleaning cover glass and mending cases, as well as maintaining treatment notes and making notes for catalogers regarding physical description. She maintained records to track the location of objects into and out of the Conservation Treatment Lab, and was responsible for special supply orders and custom housing.

Conservator Nancy Harris consulted with Mr. Palmquist as needed, and was responsible for seeing that all treatments were carried out in accordance with library standards, and that all materials used met these standards. She and conservation technician Lorna Kirwan suggested housing options and designed alternatives to meet the specialized requirements of cased photographs.

James Eason, supervising archivist for pictorial collections at The Bancroft Library, served as project archivist, responsible for overseeing the cataloging, routing, and all aspects of the workflow of the project. He facilitated communication between the curator, conservator, consultant, and photographers, and made basic treatment decisions in consultation with the curator and conservator. He also established local cataloging policy applicable to these specialized objects and in accordance with library standards. He was ultimately responsible for cataloging record review and finding aid text.

Mary Elings, pictorial collections archivist at The Bancroft Library, served as assistant project archivist. She established project policy in cataloging along with the project archivist, and had primary responsibility for the design and customization of the project database. She managed the daily tasks of routing materials between The Bancroft Library, the Conservation Treatment Lab, and Library Photographic Services. She performed a large part of the descriptive cataloging and record review, and worked with the library's Digital Publishing Group to export database data into EAD (Encoded Archival Description, a form of SGML.)

Lori Hines was hired in the final months of the project as an assistant archivist. She cataloged items, assisted with routing and the organization of transparencies, and assisted with editorial review.

In Library Photographic Services, Dan Johnston was the project's imaging supervisor and lead photographer. Bob Bain and Amy Kubes were the photographers responsible for making 35mm and 4x5 transparencies and negatives and performing direct digital capture.

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