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Bancroft Material Request Form

Please use the form below to request both on-site materials and Bancroft materials stored off campus (designated "Bancroft (NRLF)") in OskiCat. Off-site materials may take up to three business days to arrive from the storage facility.

PRINT OUT or SAVE THE CONFIRMATION PAGE FOR YOUR RECORDS. We will contact you only if there are problems preparing your material for the first day of your visit.

Instructions for filling out the online request form:

Submit your request(s) at least one week prior to your arrival. This will enable us to page materials stored off campus (at "Bancroft (NRLF)"), as well as those stored on site, and to have them ready for you in time.

To ensure accuracy, please copy and paste information directly from OskiCat or OAC into the form.

  • Use one form per call number or collection. If requesting multiple call numbers, use a separate form submission for each.
  • Use one form per container type (e.g., carton, box, oversized box, volume). You may include up to five containers of one type per form.
  • Submit separate forms if you are requesting different types of containers (e.g., cartons, boxes, volumes) from the same collection.
  • Researchers may send multiple material requests, but be sure to use the Comment Box to prioritize your requests. If there are any issues, we will contact you.

Online Request Restrictions

Certain classifications of material must be requested in person, not online. These materials have the following designations in OskiCat: Vault, MTP, CTP, and TYP.


  • Off-site "Bancroft (NRLF)" materials take up to three business days to arrive and sometimes arrive earlier. You may request notification of their arrival directly in the Comment Box of your online request form or by sending an email to
  • Materials requested using this form are subject to return two business days after the final day of your stated visit date(s).

We try to prepare requested items by the morning of the first day of your visit. Materials will remain available until the last day of your visit. You may place materials on hold as needed by making arrangements at the Circulation Desk.

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(Format: mm/dd/yy | Example: 01/12/16)
Material is ready by the first day of your visit. We will email if that's not possible.

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(Format: mm/dd/yy | Example: 01/15/16)
Items are subject to return 2 days after your last date of visit.

(i.e. box, carton, oversize folder, oversize box, reel, volume etc.)

Enter one number or year per field. We page whole containers only. All folders will be available for use.

List "Incoming Correspondents", priorities and notification requests:
Use the space below to list "Incoming Correspondents": five names per form. We will pull the appropriate container. You may also use this area to state the item's priority (1st, 2nd, 3rd...) or to request email notification.