Photographic Journey Five Random Photos from Cal's Past

Strike, Dec 1, 1966. S.F. Chronicle photo by Jerry Telfer.
UARC Num.: 4:367
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Sam Hinton leading songs during Seventh Annual Berkeley Folk Music Festival in the Eucalyptus Grove, July 1964.
UARC Num.: 4:398
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Charter Day, 1966. View of student protestors against Vietnam War leaving Harmon Gymnasium.
UARC Num.: 4:286b
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North Hall, 1911. View of east facade, showing students on Senior Bench and banner for Candida over entrance to store. Roof of Conservatory and portion of Doe Library visible in background.
UARC Num.: 6:7
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Campanile, 1914. View from top of Mechanical Arts Building, showing granite complete about thirty percent. Bacon Hall at left, portions of South Hall and Annex and Harmon Gymnasium in background.
UARC Num.: 8:47
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