Photographic Journey Five Random Photos from Cal's Past

South Hall, c1921. View of the east facade with automobiles parked in front.
UARC Num.: 5:26
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Doe Library, 1911. View of main reading room, looking east, with North Hall visible beyond window.
UARC Num.: 9:7
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Class of 1928 Senior Pilgrimage, May 14, 1928. View at Doe Library.
UARC Num.: 4:292d
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Doe Library, 1928. View of Morrison Library upon completion in February.
UARC Num.: 9:28b
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Charter Day, 1984. Chairman of the Board of Regents Yori Wada, Chancellor Ira Michael Heyman, President David P. Gardner.
UARC Num.: 4:1068
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