Photographic Journey Five Random Photos from Cal's Past

Zeta Psi, 1898. View includes: Henry Foster Dutton, Harry Berkeley Budd, Horatio Stebbins Bonestell, George Harold Jessen, Ernest Albert Brunstch, Henry Francis Brizard, and George Morgan Mott.
UARC Num.: 4:536a
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Students in campus rush, 1890, on west field with North Hall, Bacon Art and Library Building, and South Hall in background.
UARC Num.: 4:1058a
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Chancellor Edward W. Strong
UARC Num.: 13:5
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California-Stanford track meet, 1919. May 2nd.
UARC Num.: 12D:5c
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Freshman brawl outside California Field, 1920
UARC Num.: 4:77f
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