Photographic Journey Five Random Photos from Cal's Past

Free Speech Movement. Crowd surrounding police car on Sproul Plaza, Oct. 2, 1964. Mario Savio speaking from roof of car.
UARC Num.: 24B:2
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President Benjamin Harrison's visit to the campus, May 2, 1891. View of flag-draped Bacon Art and Library Building with Battalion and carriages.
UARC Num.: 4:224
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Class of 1903, with members on steps of North Hall, March 23, 1901, with flag of the Class of 1904.
UARC Num.: 4:14
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Amendment 12 publicity photographs, showing President David Prescott Barrows speaking from platform west of California Hall.
UARC Num.: 4:159b
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The Neophyte Junior Farce, November 25, 1910. View includes Harold S. Chase, Charlotte Kett, and Josephine LeConte, all of the Class of 1912, at the Liberty Theatre, Oakland.
UARC Num.: 4:106
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