Photographic Journey Five Random Photos from Cal's Past

President Benjamin Ide Wheeler speaks to students for first time, October 3, 1899. View of official party on balcony of Bacon Art and Library Building with portions of PHilosophy Building, Mechanical Arts Building, and East Hall in background.
UARC Num.: 4:38a
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Free Speech Movement, Clark Kerr at Hearst Greek Theatre, Dec. 7, 1964
UARC Num.: 24B:1
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Demonstrators and Stoney Burke at the entrance to the ROTC building. Nov 5, unknown year.
UARC Num.: 4:768
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View of the Nevada varsity game, at California Field on Oct. 16
UARC Num.: 12F:26a
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Freshman-sophomore games on west field, c1900.
UARC Num.: 4:219b
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