Staff Directory

Interim Director 510.643.4787
Acting Associate Director 510.643.9733

Research Historians

Historian / Interviewer 510.643.2106
Research Associate / Interviewer 510.643.2060
Historian Emeritus 510.643.4785
Historian / Interviewer 510.643.4786
Historian Emeritus 510.643.4788
Historian / Interviewer 510.643.2057
Research Associate / Interviewer 510.643.2060

Editorial and Technical

Editor 510.643.2167

Website/Video Director;
Manager, WWII Home Front Project

Senior Editor 510.643.4463

Graduate Student Researcher / Interviewer

California Firefighters
Oral History Project


Project Intern, Rosie the Riveter WWII Home Front


Undergraduate Student Workers

Lluvia Balanzar


Elizabeth Sabiniano


Gabriel Vargas



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