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Playing Audio and Video with RealPlayer:

Audio and video presentations on the Regional Oral History Office website are offered in RealMedia format. RealMedia allows playback of multimedia as it arrives at the user's computer, eliminating the need to download the multimedia file completely before viewing. RealMedia format is especially useful for computers with slower Internet connections, such as a 28.8 modem. However, users with slower Internet connections may find that audio and video playback is slower and the quality of the images or sound is reduced. Playback speed may also be affected by Internet traffic.

real player logo Real frequently upgrades its players for improved performance. If you have trouble playing an audio or video recording presented in RealMedia, please try downloading the most recent version of the Real player.

Download RealPlayer:

Turning on Text Captions in RealPlayer:

1. Go to the Tools menu
2. Select Preferences
3. Select the Content category from the list of options on the left
4. In the Accessibility section on the right, click to select the checkbox "Use supplemental text captioning when available"
5. Click the OK button

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