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Six Weeks in Spring Oral History Project:
Managing Protest at a Public University

About the Project
Interview Transcripts

Interview Transcripts

Derry Bowles
Campus Police Chief

John Cummins
Special Assistant to the Chancellor

William P. Foley
Campus Police Field Coordinator

Richard Hafner
Public Affairs Officer

Patrick Hayashi
Senior Analyst, Undergraduate Affairs

Michael Ira Heyman

Mary F. Jacobs
Student activities officer

Joseph Johnson
Student Liaison Officer, Campus Police Department

Mac Laetsch
Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Affairs

Roderic Park
The Vice Chancellor 

Hal Reynolds
Student Affiars and Services staff

Michael Smith
Legal Assistant to the Chancellor

Ellen Stetson
Patrol Lieutenant Commander, Campus Police Department

Bud Travers
Assistant. Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Affairs

Michele Woods
Director, Student Activities and Services

Ronald Wright
Vice Chancellor for Business and Administrative Services

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