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Transcripts - Lee Vivian Walton

Lee Vivian Walton Photo

Lee Vivian Walton Transcript
Lee Vivian Walton was born in 1945 in New Mexico. At the age of 20, Walton left the rural southwest for California, where she took a secretarial position at the Tracy Defense Depot. She then moved to Oakland 1969 when she was hired by the OAB to work in transportation. Walton steadily moved up the civilian hierarchy at the OAB before her retirement. In this interview, Walton discusses the core cargo shipping function of the OAB and comments on what it was like working as a woman in a male dominated occupation.

Keywords: Core Base Functions: Technology and labor; Military objectives and tasks; Military and capital/trade; Transportation networks
City within a City: Community and cultural life; Governance and Order; Military and social hierarchies
Community Impact: OAB and Port of Oakland relations


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