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Law Clerks of Chief Justice Earl Warren

About the Project
Interview Transcripts

Interview Transcripts

James N. Adler, 1961
William H. Allen, 1956
Markham Ball, 1960
Joseph W. Bartlett, 1960
Francis X. Beytagh, 1963
Scott H. Bice, 1968
Theodore R. Boehm, 1963
Murray H. Bring, 1959-1960
Tyrone Brown, 1967
Donald M. Cahen, 1957
Jesse H. Choper, 1960
Jerome A. Cohen, 1955-1956
William H. Dempsey, Jr., 1959
Earl C. Dudley, Jr., 1967
Timothy B. Dyk, 1961-1962 [in process]
Peter D. Ehrenhaft, 1961
Harold B. Finn, III, 1966
Dennis M. Flannery, 1964
Marc A. Franklin, 1958
James C. Gaither, 1964
R. Gordon Gooch, 1961
James T. Hale, 1965
Ira Michael Heyman, 1958
James K. Hoenig, 1963
Robert J. Hoerner, 1958
Phillip E. Johnson, 1966
C. Douglas Kranwinkle, 1966
Robert T. Lasky, 1968
Lawson, Carl D., 1965
Peter W. Low, 1963
Paul J. Meyer, 1968
Ralph J. Moore, Jr., 1959
Jon O. Newman, 1957
J. Larry Nichols, 1967
Dallin H. Oaks,  1957
[Available in The Bancroft Library]
Stuart R. Pollak, 1962
Earl E. Pollock, 1953
Curtis R. Reitz, 1956
Martin F. Richman, 1956
Arthur I. Rosett, 1959
Benno C. Schmidt, Jr., 1966
Larry G. Simon, 1967
Michael E. Smith, 1965
Samuel A. Stern, 1955
Peter R. Taft, 1962
G. Edward White, 1971
Charles H. Wilson, 1967
Kenneth Ziffren, 1965


Photo of Warren Law Clerks

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The Earl Warren Era Project (recorded 1969-1979) documents the executive branch, the legislature, criminal justice and political campaigns during the Warren Era in California. Focusing on the years 1925-1953, the interviews also provide a record of the life of Earl Warren and yield new information on the changes wrought in California by successive Depression, war, and postwar boom.

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