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The Daniel E. Koshland, Jr. Oral History Retrospective

About the Project
Interview Transcripts
Photo of Daniel Koshland, Jr.
The Daniel E. Koshland, Jr. Oral History Retrospective documents the scientific, philanthropic, and academic service activities of a scientist with deep and broad ties to the University of California, Berkeley and the wider scientific and philanthropic communities. The videotaped interviews with family members, scientific colleagues, and university personnel focus on the last years of his life, before his death in 2007. They provide perspectives on his diverse activities, his personality traits, and help to bring up-to-date the lengthy oral history with Dr. Koshland himself, which concluded in 1999.

This project, conceived and generously supported by his widow Yvonne Koshland, highlights the years 1999-2007, but also includes flashbacks to Dr. Koshland’s earlier activities. The Retrospective thus constitutes an amplification and extension of the earlier oral history but also stands as an unabashed tribute to a man whom the interviewees held in high esteem.

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