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Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Oral History Project[1970 - Present]
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Project Themes
Kaiser Permanente 'Core Values'
Business Model and the Economics of Health Care
Diversity in the Workplace and in the Provision of Health Care
Government Relations
Health Care and the Information Revolution
The Managed Care Crisis of the 1990s
Research at Kaiser Permanente
KP Founding Generation
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Project Themes—Research at Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente is one the largest private providers of health care in the United States. However, many do not know that its regions also conduct a great deal of research, focused mostly on health care delivery (rather than basic medical research). In 1961, Dr. Morris Collen established what eventually became the Division of Research in Kaiser’s Northern California Region; in 1964, Dr. Mitch Greenlick established the Center for Health Research in the Northwest Region; research centers in other regions followed. Several interviews in this project explore the content and scope of health services research conducted at various Kaiser Permanente facilities.

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