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Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Oral History Project[1970 - Present]
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Project Themes
Kaiser Permanente 'Core Values'
Business Model and the Economics of Health Care
Diversity in the Workplace and in the Provision of Health Care
Government Relations
Health Care and the Information Revolution
The Managed Care Crisis of the 1990s
Research at Kaiser Permanente
KP Founding Generation
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Project Themes—Government Relations

The growth of health care as a political issue has been another dramatic development transforming the practice of American medicine. Mandates, regulations, and programs come from the federal and state governments. The courts have become a major player in medical practice as a body of law grows, covering an ever-widening range of issues. Health care and its problems have proven decisive issues in some elections. The citizenry expects quality health care that it can afford, but despite the growing pressure on politicians to expand regulations and entitlements, no consensus has yet developed about how best to organize and pay for the nation’s medical care. All medical providers have moved from a situation in which contractual agreements determined rights and responsibilities to a highly volatile, mixed environment combining contracts, regulation, and new case law.

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