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Japanese American Confinement Sites /
World War II American Home Front Oral History Project

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California Civil Liberties Public Education Program [CCLPEP]

California Japanese American Alumni Association [CJAAA]


Japanese American Citizens League [JACL]

Japanese American Confinement Sites Grant Program [National Park Service]

Japanese American Evacuation and Resettlement Study Digital Archives [The Bancroft Library]

Japanese American Internment and Relocation Records in the National Archives

Japanese American National Museum

Japanese American Oral History Project, California State University, Fullerton

Japanese American Relocation Digital Archives [JARDA, The Bancroft Library]

Japanese American Resources Guide [Tufts University]

Japanese American Women / Alumnae of UC Berkeley [JAWAUCB]

Japanese Peruvian Oral History Project

Manzanar National Historic Site [National Park Service]

Military Intelligence School Historic Learning Center [NJAHS]

National Archives

National Japanese American Historical Society [NJAHS]

Nichei Bei Foundation

Telling Their Stories by Urban School of San Francisco


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