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AS 102: Examining U.S. Cultures in Place: "The 'Cultural Terroir' of the Bay Area"

Students will study and participate in the study and gathering of food and
wine oral history interviews designed to identify the Bay Area's (specifically Napa and Berkeley) regional "Cultural Terroir." The food and wine communities of this region have grown to national and international prominence due the distinctive creation of a "California Style" based on fresh, seasonal, regional produce, and quality wines. This course seeks to bring the narratives of members of these California communities to life, and will provide students with the opportunity to learn oral history methodology and help preserve the narrative testimony of participants in this phenomenon. As a class we will explore how individuals and communities define themselves their region and nation through the research lenses of literature, film, the arts, gender, education, training, sustainability, health, neoprohibition, business practices, politics, geography, and regional food attitudes.

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