The Earl Warren Era Project (recorded 1969-1979) documents the executive branch, the legislature, criminal justice and political campaigns during the Warren Era in California. Focusing on the years 1925-1953, the interviews also provide a record of the life of Earl Warren and yield new information on the changes wrought in California by successive Depression, war, and postwar boom.
Single Interview Volumes

A. Wayne Amerson
Northern California and Its Challenges to a Negro in the Mid-1900. 1974, 103 pp.

Arthur Breed, Jr.
Alameda County and the California Legislature: 1935-1958. 1977, 65 pp.

Warren Burger
The 1952 Republican Convention. 1987, 52 pp.

Oliver J. Carter
A Leader in the California Senate and the Democratic Party, 1940-1950. 1979, 200 pp.

Edwin L. Carty
Hunting, Politics, and the Fish and Game Commission. 1975, 104 pp.

Ford Chatters
View from the Central Valley: The California Legislature, Water, Politics, and the State Personnel Board. 1976, 197 pp.

C.L. Dellums
International President of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters and Civil Rights Leader. 1973, 159 pp.

McIntyre Faries
California Republicans, 1934-1953. 1973, 155 pp.

Richard Graves
Theoretician, Advocate, and Candidate in California State Government. 1973, 219 pp.

Emily H. Huntington
A Career in Consumer Economics and Social Insurance. 1971, 111 pp.

Oscar J. Jahnsen
Enforcing the Law Against Gambling, Bootlegging, Graft, Fraud, and Subversion, 1922-1942. 1976, 212 pp.

Helen S. MacGregor
A Career in Public Service with Earl Warren. 1973, 249 pp.

Richard Allen McGee
Participant in the Evolution of American Corrections: 1931-1973. 1976, 223 pp.

Donald McLaughlin
Careers in Mining Geology and Management, University Governance and Teaching. 1975, 318 pp.

Warren Olney II
Law Enforcement and Judicial Administration in the Earl Warren Era. 1981, 523 pp.

Edgar James Patterson
Governor's Mansion Aide to Prison Counselor. 1975, 79 pp.

Tarea Hall Pittman
NAACP Official and Civil Rights Worker. 1974, 159 pp.

Robert B. Powers
Law Enforcement, Race Relations: 1930-1960. 1971, 180 pp.

William Byron Rumford
Legislator for Fair Employment, Fair Housing, and Public Health. 1973, 152 pp.

Arthur H. Sherry
The Alameda County District Attorney's Office and the California Crime Commission. 1976, 146 pp.

Merrell R. Small
The Office of the Governor Under Earl Warren. 1972, 227 pp.

William T. Sweigert, Sr.
Administration and Ethics in the Governor's Office and the Courts, California, 1942-1975. 1987, 226 pp.

Paul Schuster Taylor
California Social Scientist, Three Volumes.
Volume I: "Education, Field Research, and Family." 1973, 342 pp.
Volume II and III: "California Water and Agricultural Labor." 1975, 519 pp.

Earl Warren
Conversations with Earl Warren on California Government. 1981, 337 pp.

Albert Wollenberg
To Do the Job Well: A Life in Legislative, Judicial, and Community Service. 1981, 396 pp.

Multi-Interview Volumes

Perspectives on the Alameda County District Attorney's Office
Three volumes:
Volume I: 1972, 137 pp. Interviews with Mullins, John F.; Balaban, Edith; Hamlin, Judge Oliver D.; Shaw, Mary; Shea, Willard W.

Volume II: 1973, 322 pp. Interviews with Chamberlain, Richard H.; Jester, Lloyd; Heinrichs, Beverly; Severin, Clarence E.; Spence, Homer R.; Daly, E.A.; Bruce, John.

Volume III: 1974, 165 pp. Interviews with Coakley, J. Frank; Hederman, Albert E., Jr.; Jensen, Lowell; Oakley, James H.

Earl Warren's Bakersfield. 1971, 185 pp. Interviews with Ashe, Maryann, and Ruth Smith Henley; Cavins, Omar; Vaughan, Francis; Kreiser, Ralph; Manford, Martin and Ernest McMillan.

Bee Perspectives of the Warren Era 1976, 186 pp. Interviews with Rodda, Richard; Phillips, Herbert L.; Jones, Walter P.

Earl Warren's Campaigns:
Volume I: 1976, 324 pp. Interviews with Barnes, Stanley N.; Cunningham, Thomas J.; Draper, Murray; Mailliard, William S.; Mull, Archibald M.; McNitt, Rollin Lee.

Volume II: 1977, 341 pp. Interviews with Knowland, William F.; Feigenbaum, B. Joseph; Ladar, Samuel; Steinhart, John; Hansen, Victor; Mellon, Thomas.

Volume III: The Conservative Republicans of 1952 (Interviews with Keith McCormac), 1978, 242 pp.

California Democrats in the Earl Warren Era. 1976, 278 pp. Interviews with Clifton, Florence; Clifton, Robert; Kent, Roger; Outland, George; Post, Langdon; Roosevelt, James.

The Governor's Family. 1980, 265 pp. Interviews with Nina Palmquist Warren, Notes from the California First Lady; James Warren, Recollections of the Eldest Warren Son; Earl Warren, Jr., California Politics; Nina Warren Brien, Growing up in the Warren Family; Robert Warren, Playing, Hunting, Talking.

Earl Warren: Fellow Constituional Officers. 1979, 244 pp. Interviews with Brown, Edmund G.; Kenney, Robert; Kuchel, Thomas.

California State Finance in the 1940s. 1974, 406 pp. Interviews with Links, Fred; Groff, Ellis; Killion, George; Post, A. Alan; Leake, Paul.

The Warrens: Four Personal Views. 1976, 137 pp. Interviews with Albright, Horace; Stone, Irving and Jean; Henderson, Betty Foot; Swig, Benjamin H.

Earl Warren and Health Insurance: 1943-1949. 1971, 216 pp. Interviews with Lee, Russel VanArsdale, M.D.; Salsman, Byrl R.: Claycombe, Gordon; Cline, John W., M.D.

Hunting and Fishing with Earl Warren. 1976, 186 pp. Interviews with Cavanaugh, Bartley; Lynn, Wallace.

The Japanese-American Relocation Reviewed:

Volume I: Decision and Exodus 1976, 196 pp. Interviews with Rowe, James; Heckendorf, Percy C.; Clark, Tom; Ennis, Edward; Wenig, Herbert.

Volume II: The Internment 1974, 267 pp. Interviews with Cozzens, Robert; Myer, Dillon S.; Kingman, Ruth W.; Hibi, Hisako.
Earl Warren: The Chief Justiceship. 1977, 245 p. Interviews with Brownell, Herbert; Finkelstein, Louis; Hagerty, James; Oliver, William; Richman, Martin F.; Stassen, Harold.

Labor Looks at Earl Warren. 1970, 145 pp. Interviews with Bulcke, Germain; Chaudet, Joseph W.; Heide, Paul; Simonds, U.S.; Vernon, Ernest H.

Labor Leaders View the Warren Era. 1976, 126 pp. Interviews with Ash, Robert S.; Haggerty, Cornelius J.

Earl Warren and the State Department of Mental Hygiene. 1973, 223 pp. Interviews with Tallman, Frank F., M.D.; Hume, Portia Bell, M.D.

Richard M. Nixon in the Warren Era. 1980, 300 pp. Interviews with Jorgensen, Frank E.; Day, Roy O.; Dinkelspiel, John Walton; Adams, Earl; Crocker, Roy P.

The Governor and the Public, the Press, and the Legislature. 1973, 177 pp. Interviews with Gallagher, Marguerite; Scoggins, Verne; Vasey, Beach.

Earl Warren and the State Department of Public Health. 1973, 409 pp. Interviews with Merrill, Malcolm H., M.D., MPH; Stead, Frank M.; Ongerth, Henry; Zimmerman, Kent A., M.D.; Arnstein, Lawrence.

The Shipboard Murder Case: Labor, Radicals, and Earl Warren, 1936-1941. 1976, 276 pp. Interviews with Ramsay, Ernest G.; Grossman, Aubrey; Harris, Myron; Resner, Herbert; Johnson, Miriam Dinkin; Odeen, Peter.

Earl Warren as Executive: Social Welfare and State Parks. 1977, 147 pp. Interviews with Drury, Newton; Schottland, Charles I.

Earl Warren: Views and Episodes. 1976, 205 pp. Interviews with Hale, Mildred; Kerr, Clark; Kragen, Adrian; McConnell, Geraldine; McWilliams, Carey; Siems, Edward H.

Earl Warren and the Youth Authority. 1972, 279 pp. Interviews with Holton, Karl; Scudder, Kenyon J.; Stark, Heman G.; Beam, Kenneth S.

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