About the Project

West Coast Cocktails: An Oral History is a new project from UC Berkeley's Regional Oral History Office, will trace the legacy of cocktails and spirits through a series of long-form life history interviews with key figures in the industry, including bar owners, bartenders, craft distillers, and cocktail historians. We will document:
-the role of geography and culinary effects
-the influence of craft and artisanal culture
-the perception of bartending as a respected profession

We’ve recently completed four pilot interviews with:
David Wondrich
Jennifer Colliau (Small Hand Foods)
Claire Sprouse (Tin Roof Drinks Community)
Rhachel Shaw (Hog Island Oyster Co.)

Our esteemed project advisors include:
Dale DeGroff
David Wondrich
Talia Baiocchi
Leslie Pariseau

We began a crowdfunding campaign on Tuesday, June 3, 2014 through Indiegogo , which will run until Friday, July 11. The funds that we raise will go to paying for these interviews. We hope to interview at least thirty people and once the campaign is complete we’ll begin by interviewing Jorg Rupf (St. George Spirits), Murray Stenson (Elysian Bar), Thad Vogler (Bar Agricole and Trou Normand), Julio Bermejo (Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant), and Mike Buhen (Tiki Ti).