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Dorothy Shack Transcript [available in The Bancroft LIbrary]

Conducted by Nadine Wilmot in 2004, Regional Oral History Office, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, 2006.


Photo of Dorothy Shack

Dorothy Shack, deeply reflective and thoughtful of choice in telling her story, shares about her family background and early years in Atlanta and her education at Talladega College. She tells of her professional training and graduate school in New York City and her career as a child psychologist in Chicago and Berkeley. In her interview, we learn about the life journey she embarked upon with her husband and son, taking her to London, Addis Ababa, Chicago, and Berkeley.

Dorothy is the wife of the late William A. Shack, professor of Anthropology and scholar of the Gurage people in Ethiopia. Professor Shack’s name comes up frequently in other interviews in the African American Faculty and Senior Staff Oral History Project, as one of the early players in diversity and access efforts on campus, and as the first faculty person to occupy the post of Faculty Assistant for Affirmative Action. An interview conducted with William Shack in 1999 by Professor James E. Bowman as part of the University of Chicago African American Alumni History Project, is appended at the end of Dorothy Shack’s oral history.


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