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African American Faculty and Senior Staff Oral History Project
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Richard Cándida Smith
Project Director, Director of the Regional Oral History Office
Professor of History

Nadine Wilmot
Project manager and lead interviewer

Richard Cándida Smith
Leah McGarrigle
Kathryn Stine
Nadine Wilmot

Advisory Committee
Robert Allen, African American Studies
Russ Ellis, Jr., Architecture, Former Vice Chancellor of Undergraduate Affairs
Charles Henry, African American Studies
Patricia Hilden, Ethnic Studies
Waldo Martin, History

William Banks
David Blackwell
Robert H. (Pete) Bragg
Troy Duster
Russ Ellis, Jr.
Harry Edwards
Henrietta Harris
Jewelle Taylor Gibbs
Michele Woods-Jones
Reginald Jones
William Lester, Jr.
Mary Lovelace O’Neal
Dorothy Shack
Norvel Smith
Mary Perry Smith
Margaret Wilkerson
Olly Wilson


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