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Rosie the Riveter and the World War II Homefront Experience -
In collaboration with the city of Richmond and the National Park Service, the Regional Oral History Office is interviewing residents of the Bay Area about their wartime experiences during World War II. We are uncovering how and why people from different backgrounds came to the Bay Area, what they did when they arrived, and what they learned from the fluidity and flux of wartime life that affected decisions they made after the war ended.

Food and Wine in the Bay Area -
The goal of this project is "to find out why chefs identify themselves with a specific cuisine or group of dishes they prepare, and how they go about creating a restaurant that most closely resembles their own outlook on both food and culture." This project was done by Paul Redman in conjunction with Vic Geraci, a wine and food research specialist for the Regional Oral History Office, between 2003 and 2004.

Portuguese/Brazil Project -
The Portuguese Communities in California project seeks to bring the narratives of Portuguese and Brazilian residents in California to life. This project will preserve and explore the history of Portuguese and Brazilian communities using oral history and qualitative interviewing methodologies. We will explore why people chose to come to the United States, how they came here, and their experiences after they arrived.

History 100: Documenting the History of Health Care in California
Students in this class conducted oral history interviews with various members of the health care community and wrote papers based upon their interviews.

Individual Student Projects
Undergraduate student projects and papers utilizing original oral history interviews, existing oral histories, or both, as key components of their research. Some of the papers include audio excerpts online from oral history interviews.

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