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Coming Up

In the coming months, check back to the ROHO website for the release of our highly-anticipated interviews, including:

  • Almost four dozen interviews documenting UC Berkeley's Free Speech Movement, which burst onto the scene 50 years ago this fall;
  • Art Gensler, founder of what is now the largest architecture and design firm in the United States;
  • Five interviews from the West Coast Cocktail oral history project;
  • Phyllis Cook, a leader of San Francisco's Jewish community; 
  • George Halvorson, recently retired as CEO of Kaiser Permanente, one of the largest providers of health care in the United States; 
  • Randy Schekman, 2013 Nobel Prize winner in Medicine; 
  • Renowned metallurgist Roshan Bhappu
  • John Pritzker, hotel developer and leader of the San Francisco Jewish community; 
  • And the several interviews of the Omega Boys Club Oral History Project




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