Library School Oral History Series

The Library School Oral History Series, initiated in 1998 with the generous support of  the Patricia Anderson Farquar Memorial Fund, preserves personal recollections of those involved with Berkeley’s graduate library school since the 1930s. Library education at Berkeley spanned nearly a full century. Although the first summer courses were offered in 1902, the separate graduate School of Librarianship began only in 1926. An endowment grant of $150,000 from the Carnegie Corporation in 1937 assured the school’s place among American educational institutions. Following a long period of stability and growth after World War II, the school became a player in the information revolution. The library systems devised so carefully by nineteenth and twentieth-century founders fell away as new methods were developed to record and manage collections and provide service to library patrons. In 1976 the school became the School of Library and Information Studies. Core courses began to incorporate training for computers, databases, and online searching. The 1980s and 1990s brought a period of self-evaluation to the school and its curricula, most of it carried out under a series of acting deans. Eventually the school ceased admitting new students, while the campus Academic Planning Board decided its fate. In time the school closed, reopening in 1997 as the School of Information Management and Systems (SIMS). Although a few faculty members have remained, the new school’s curriculum bears little resemblance to the old. Meanwhile, schools of librarianship across the country have closed, changed their missions, or been subsumed under other graduate schools. Thus, the Library School Oral History Series provides a narrative complement to the written records of library education as it once existed.

Fay M. Blake (b. 1920)
Information for All: An Activist Librarian and Library Educator at the University of California, 1961-1984, 2000, 124 pp.

Grete W. (Frugé) Cubie (b. 1913)
A Career in Public Libraries and at UC Berkeley's School of Librarianship, 1937-1975,  2000, 198 pp.

J. Periam Danton (1908-2002)
Dean and Professor at UC Berkeley's School of Librarianship, 1946-1976, 2000, 158 pp.

Robert D. Harlan (b. 1929)
History of the Book: Thirty Years at UC Berkeley's School of Librarianship and Study of Early American Printers, 2001, 124 pp.

Fredric Mosher (1914-1999)
Reference and Rare Books: Three Decades at UC Berkeley's School of Librarianship, 1950-1981,  2000, 201 pp.

Flora Elizabeth Reynolds (b. 1911)
"A Dukedom Large Enough": Forty Years in Northern California's Public and Academic Libraries, 1936-1976, 2000, 180 pp.

Patrick G. Wilson (1927-2003)
Philosopher of Information: An Eclectic Imprint on Berkeley's School of Librarianship, 1965-1991, 2000, 240 pp.

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