University of California Alumni

The following are a small sample of ROHO interviews with UC Berkeley alumni; most of these interviews contain substantial content on university history. Many of these interviews were funded in part by The Class of 1931 Endowment.

Mary Woods Bennett (class of 1931)
A Career in Higher Education: Mills College 1935-1974. 1987, 278 pp.

Robert L. Bridges (class of 1930)
Sixty Years of Legal Advice to International Construction Firms; Thelen, Marrin, Johnson and Bridges, 1933-1997. 1998, 134 pp.

Alan K. Browne (class of 1931)
"Mr. Municipal Bond": Bond Investment  Management, Bank of America, 1929-1971.  1990, 325 pp.

Edith Coliver (class of 1943)
The Life of a Social Activist: Germany, San Francisco, the Philippines, and Taiwan. 2004, 192 pp.

Anne Degruchy Low-Beer Dettner (class of 1926)
A Woman's Place in Science and Public Affairs, 1932-19731996, 260 pp.

Marion Devlin (class of 1931)
Women's News Editor: Vallejo Times-Herald, 1931-1978.  1991, 157 pp.

Richard Greene
Richard Greene: Distinguished Tax Attorney, Estate Planner, and Leader in the Arts, Philanthropic and University Communities. 2013, 771 pp.

Farnham P. Griffiths (class of 1906)
The University of California and the California Bar. 1954, 46 pp.

H. Howard Hassard (class of 1931)
The California Medical Association, Medical Insurance, and the Law, 1935-1992. 1993, 228 pp.

Joel Hedgpeth (class of 1931)
Marine Biologist and Environmentalist: Pycnogonids, Progress, and Preserving Bays, Salmon, and Other  Living Things1996, 319 pp.

Louis Heilbron (class of 1928)
Most of a Century: Law and Public Service, 1930s to 1990s
.  1995, 397 pp.

Harold Kay (class of 1931)
A Berkeley Boy's Service to the Medical Community of Alameda County, 1935-1994.  1994, 104 pp.

Adrian A. Kragen (class of 1931)
A Law Professor's Career: Teaching,  Private Practice, and Legislative Representative, 1934 to 1989. 1991, 333 pp.

Margaret E. Murdock (class of 1910)
Belle of the Sather Tower Bells. 1980, 117 pp.

Robert Danforth Ogg (class of 1941)
Business and Pleasure: Electronics, Anchors, and the University of California. 1989, 157 pp.

Mary McLean Olney (class of 1895)
Oakland, Berkeley, and the University of California, 1880-1895.  1963, 173 pp.

Rudolph Peterson (class of 1925)
A Career in International Banking with the Bank of America, 1936-1970, and the United Nations Development Program, 1971-1975.  1994, 408 pp.

Herman F. Selvin (class of 1924)
The University of California and California Law and Lawyers, 1920-1978. 1979, 217 pp.

Roy L. Shurtleff (class of 1912)
The University's Class of 1912, Investment Banking, and the Shurtleff Family History. 1982, 69 pp.

Barclay Simpson
Barclay Simpson: An Oral History. 2013, 164 pp.

Jessie Harris Stewart (class of 1914)
Memories of Girlhood and the University. 1978, 70 pp.

Fred S. Stripp, Jr. (class of 1932)
University Debate Coach, Berkeley Civic Leader, and Pastor.  1990, 75 pp.

Eugene Trefethen (class of 1930)
Kaiser Industries, Trefethen Vineyards, the University of California, and Mills College, 1926-1997. 1997, 189 pp.

Jean C. Witter (class of 1916)
The University, the Community, and the Lifeblood of Business. 1968, 109 pp.

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Donated Alumni Oral History

Cal Band Oral History Project
An ongoing series of interviews with Cal Band members and supporters of Cal spirit groups.

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