Individual Memoirs in Politics and Government

Joseph Alioto
Changing the Face of San Francisco: Mayor 1968-1976, and Antitrust Trial Lawyer. 1999, 206 pp.

Carl Anthony
The Civil Rights Movement and the Expanding Boundaries of Environmental Justice in the Bay Area, 1960-1999. 2003, 156 pp.

Ben H. Bagdikian
Journalist, Media Critic, Professor and Dean Emeritus, UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism. 2011, 198 pp.

Louis Bartlett
Memoirs. 2003, 219 pp.

Willie Lewis Brown, Jr.
First among Equals: California Legislative Leadership, 1964-1992.
Willie Lewis Brown, Jr. Audio Excerpt

Everett Brandon
Politics, Law, and Human Rights Oral History Series. 2009, 80 pp.

Lewis H. Butler
A Life of Public Service: Ploughshares Fund, California Tomorrow, Health Policy, HEW, the Environment, the Peace Corps. 2010, 500 pp.

Lewis H. Butler Video excerpts:
On the value of the Peace Corps
On Owen Chamberlain and the genesis of the Ploughshares Fund
On organizing the Pete McCloskey campaign for Congress in 1967 against Shirley Temple Black
On the establishment of an agricultural preserve in Napa Valley, 1968
Experiences in the Nixon administration during the Vietnam War
On determining the mission of California Tomorrow
California Tomorrow: Learning to work as a multiracial, multiethnic organization

Calvin Colt
Politics, Law, and Human Rights. 2009, 67 pp.

Robert Cromey
Politics, Law, and Human Rights Oral History Series. 2007, 113 pp.

John A. De Luca, Ph.D.
President and CEO of the Wine Institute, 1975-2003, Executive Vice Chairman of the Wine Institute, 2003-2008. 2007, 706 pp.

Judge Herbert Donaldson
Politics, Law, and Human Rights Oral History Series. 2009, 210 pp.

Ernesto Galarza
The Burning Light: Action and Organizing in the Mexican Commuinity in California. 1982, 194 pp.

Edward Hansen
Politics, Law, and Human Rights. 2009, 59 pp.

Frank Roberts Havenner
Reminiscences. 1953, 372 pp.

S. I. Hayakawa and Margedent Peters Hayakawa
From Semantics to the U.S. Senate. 1994, 470 pp.

Warren Hinckle
Warren Hinckle: Journalist, Editor, Publisher, Iconoclast. 2013, 763 pp.

Joseph Houghteling
Print, Politics, & Public Service: A Life in San Francisco Bay Area Newspaper, the Democratic Party, & California Government Commissions. 2003. [Available only in The Bancroft Library]

Ericka Huggins [Donated, interviewed by Fiona Thompson in 2007]
An Oral History with Ericka Huggins. 2010, 108 pp.

Quentin Kopp
Politics, Law, and Human Rights Oral History Series. 2007, 60 pp.

Roger Lapham
An Interview on Shipping, Labor, City Government, and American Foreign Aid. 1957, 515 pp.

Harry Lutgens
Publishing and Politics in California. 1961, 342 pp.

William Somers Mailliard
Mailliards of California A Family Chronicle. 1993, 346 pp.

Louis Strong Merrill
A Lifetime at the Fair: California Local District and State Affairs 1920-1972. 1987, 366 pp.

Dillon S. Myer
An Autobiography. 1970, 878 pp.

William Newsom
Politics, Law, and Human Rights. 2010, 254 pp.

Nicholas C. Petris
Dean of the California Legislature. 1996, 430 pp.

Kenyon J. Scudder
Between the Dark and the Daylight. 1972.

Walter H. Shorenstein: An Oral History
2010, 159 pp.

August Vollmer
Pioneer in Police Professionalism Volume I. 1972, 610 pp.
Pioneer in Police Professionalism Volume II. 1983, 218 pp.

Richard A. Wilson
Rancher, Conservationist, Director of the Department of Forestry: Toward a Working Landscape for California from Round Valley to the Redwood Forest. 2012, 381 pp.
View video excerpts of Wilson's 2004 interview.
View complete February 6, 2004 video interview: Richard A. Wilson: Rancher, Conservationist, Director of The Department of Forestry.

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