Women Political Leaders

Francis Mary Albrier
Determined Advocate for Racial Equality, 1979, 410 pp.

Marjorie Benedict (1899-1990)
Developing a Place for Women in the Republican Party, 1984, 143 pp.

Odessa Cox
Challenging the Status Quo, 1978, 362 pp.

Pauline Davis (1907-1995)
California Assemblywoman, 1952-1976, 1986, 157 pp.

Helen Gahagan Douglas Project
Volume I, The Political Campaigns. 1981, 344 pp. Interviews with Tilford Dudley, Byron Lindsley,
India Edwards, Helen O. Lustig, Leo Goodman, Alvin Meyers, Kenneth Harding, Frank Roger.
Volume II, The Congress Years, 1944-1950. 1981, 624 pp. Interviews with Juanita Terry Barbee, Arthur Goldschmidt, Rachel Bell, Elizabeth Wickenden Goldschmidt, Albert Cahn, Charles A. Hogan, Margery Cahn, Chester A. Holifield, Evelyn Chavoor, Mary Dublin Keyserling, Lucy Kramer Cohen, Philip J. Noel-Baker.
Volume III, Family, Friends, and The Theater: The Years Before and After Politics. 1981, 260 pp. Interviews with Alis De Sola, Cornelia Palms, Walter R. Pick, Fay Bennett Watts.
Volume IV, Congresswoman, Actress, and Opera Singer. 1982, 408 pp.

Ann Eliaser (b. 1927)
From Grassroots Politics to the Top Dollar: Fundraising for Candidates and Non-Profit Agencies, 1983, 306 pp.

March Fong Eu (b. 1927)
High Achieving Nonconformist in Local and State Government, 1978, 234 pp.

Jean Fuller
Organizing Women: Careers in Volunteer Politics and Government' Administration, 1977, 664 pp.
Elizabeth R. Gatov

Grassroots Party Organizer to Treasurer of the United States, 1978, 956 pp.
Patricia Hitt
From Precinct Worker to Assistant Secretary of The Department of Health, Education, and Welfare
1980, 288 pp.
Lucile Hosmer
A Conversation Republican in the Mainstream of Party Politics
1983, 250 pp.
Kimiko Fujii Kitayama
Nisei Leader in Democratic Politics and Civil Affairs, 1979, 300 pp.

LaRue McCormick (b. 1909)
Activist in the Radical Movement, 1930-1969; The International Labor Defense; The Communist Party, 1980, 132 pp.

Hulda McLean
A Conservative's Crusades for Good Government, 1977, 174 pp.

Bernice Hubbard May
A Native Daughter's Leadership in Public Affairs, Vol. I, 1976, 610 pp.
A Native Daughter's Leadership in Public Affairs, Vol. II, 1976, 644 pp.

Elizabeth Paschal
Pioneering Career Woman: New Deal Labor Economist, Social Security Administration Program Chief, Ford Foundation Executive, 1996, 328 pp.

Emily Pike (b. 1921)
Republican Party Organizer: From Volunteer to Professional, 1983, 379 pp.

Julia Porter
Dedicated Democrat and City Planner 1941-1975, 1977, 452 pp.

Madeleine Haas Russell (1915-1999)
Democratic Committeewoman, Philanthropist. 2013, 137 pp.

Wanda Sankary
From Sod House to State House, 1979, 236 pp.

Hope Schechter
Activist in Labor Movement, Democratic Party, and the Mexican American Community, 1980, 232 pp.

Vera Schultz
Ideals and Realities in State and Local Government, 1977, 610 pp.

Clara Shirpser (1901-1996), One Woman's Role in Democratic Party Politics: National, State, and Local, 1950-1973, Volume 1, Volume 2, 1975, 671 pp.

Elizabeth Snyder
California's First Woman State Party Chairman, 1977, 564 pp.

Carolyn Wolfe
Educating for Citizenship: A Career in Community Affairs and the Democratic Party 1906-1976, 1978, 592 pp.

Carmen Warschaw (b. 1917)
A Southern California Perspective on Democratic Party Politics, 983, 453 pp. Not available for sale; available for research only at The Bancroft Library of UC Berkeley, and the Department of Special Collections, UCLA.

Mildred Younger (b. 1920)
Inside and Outside Government and Politics, 1929-1980
, 1983, 453 pp.

Multi-Narrator Volumes

Women in politics, 1972 and 1973, Volume I, 1973, 740 pp.
Women in politics, 1972 and 1973, Volume II, 1973, 830 pp.
Women in politics, 1972 and 1973, Volume III, 1973, 622 pp.

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