Interviews on Sanitary Engineering
Chester G. Gillespie (1884-1971)
Origins and Early Years of the Bureau of Sanitary Engineering. 1971, 39 pp.

Wilfred F. Langelier (1886-1981)
Teaching, Research, and Consultation in Water Purification and Sewage Treatment, University of California at Berkeley, 1916-1955. 1982, 81 pp.

Percy H. McGaughey (1904-1975)
The Sanitary Engineering Research Laboratory: Administration, Research, and Consultation, 1950-1972. 1974, 259 pp.

Walter F. McLean (b. 1903)
From Pardee to Buckhorn: Water Resources Engineering and Water Policy in the East Bay Municipal Utilities District, 1927-1991, 1993, 330 pp.


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