Horticulture, Botany, and Landscape Design

Ruth BANCROFT, (b. 1908), The Ruth Bancroft Garden in Walnut Creek, California: Creation in 1971, and Conservation. 1993, 149 pp.
Interviews with the owner-designer of a four-acre dry garden in Walnut Creek, California, the Ruth Bancroft Garden, the first garden designated under The Garden Conservancy.

N. Floy BRACELIN, The Ynes Mexia Botanical Collections. 1982, 25 pp.
An interview with N. Floy Bracelin on the Mexia botanical collection and on Mrs. Mexia's Mexican and South American expeditions. Interview conducted by botanist Annetta Carter.

Lincoln CONSTANCE, (b. 1909), Versatile Berkeley Botanist: Plant Taxonomy and University Governance. 1987, 362 pp.
Dean and botanist discusses research in the biosystematics of umbelliferae; recollections of colleagues and graduate students.

Toichi DOMOTO, (b. 1902), A Japanese-American Nurseryman's Life in California: Floriculture and Family, 1883-1992. 1993, 360 pp.
Life story of eminent nurseryman, tree, shrub, and flower breeder, bonsai practitioner; family, education, experience of racial discrimination; membership in California nursery and horticultural groups.

John W. GREGG, (1880-1969), Landscape Architect. 1965, 182 pp.
First head of the Department of Landscape Architecture at UC Berkeley, professor from 1913-1946, talks about the relationship of landscape design to architecture in the early days of the profession.

Gerda ISENBERG, (b. 1901), California Native Plants Nurseywoman, Civil Rights Activist, and Humanitarian. 1991, 150 pp.
History, through interviews with owner-founder, of Yerba Buena Nursery, a California native plant and exotic fern nursery in Woodside, California.

Adele LAWYER, (b. 1918) and Lewis (b. 1907), Lawyers, Inc: Partners in Plant Pathology, Horticulture, and Marriage. 1990, 273 pp.
Husband and wife plant pathologists discuss research work for Del Monte Corp.; developments in fruit and vegetable varieties; breeding Pacific Coast native iris.

Watson "Mac" LAETSCH, Botanist, UC Berkeley Administrator and Fundraiser, Partner in International Development. 2012, 331 pp.

June McCASKILL, (b. 1930), Herbarium Scientist, University of California, Davis. 1989, 83 pp.
Discussion of curatorial functions, and public service role, of the UC Davis Herbarium, 1935-1988.

F. Owen PEARCE, (1897-1994), California Garden Societies and Horticultural Publications, 1947-1990. 1990, 86 pp.
Founding of Strybing Arboretum Society; editing California Horticultural Journal ; membership in garden organizations, and memoirs of plantsmen. Interviews conducted by Adele and Lewis Lawyer.

Wayne RODERICK, (b. 1920), California Native Plantsman: UC Botanical Garden, Tilden Botanic Garden. 1991, 166 pp.
Family history and career of lifelong gardener, nurseryman; head of California section, UC Berkeley Botanical Garden, 1960-1976; head, East Bay Regional Parks Botanic Garden, 1976-1983.

Lurline Matson ROTH, (1890-1985), Matson and Roth Family History; A Love of Ships, Horses, and Gardens. 1982, 271 pp.
History through interviews of landmark estate, "Filoli," house and gardens in Woodside California; Matson family history. Includes interview with horticulturist Toichi Domoto.

Geraldine Knight SCOTT, (1904-1989), A Woman in Landscape Architecture in California, 1926-1989. 1990, 235 pp.
Distinguished practitioner's personal statement of her education and career choices; private practice for over thirty years, clients and convictions; lecturing in UC Berkeley's Department of Landscape Architecture.

George W. WATERS, English garden history, western gardening, and creating and editing Pacific horticulture. 2000, 228pp.

A. E. Wieslander (1890-1992), California Forester: Mapper of Wildland Vegetation and Soils. 1985, 316 pp. Forestry management, education; soil and vegetation studies, mapping; native plants, and manzanita specimen plantings; history of East Bay Regional Parks Botanic Garden.
Wieslander Vegetation Type Maps and Photographs in the Marian Koshland Bioscience and Natural Resources Library

Multi-interview Volumes

Interviews with family members, architects and landscape architects, gardeners, staff, and two presidents of the University of California to document the history of Blake House, since 1967 the University's presidential residence, and the Blake Garden, a ten-acre horticultural mecca utilized as a teaching facility. Interviews with Mai Arbegast, Igor Blake, Ron and Myra Brocchini, Toichi Domoto, Elliot and Elizabeth Evans, Anthony Hail, Linda Haymaker, Charles Hitch, Florence Holmes, Clark and Catherine Kerr, Janice Kittredge, Geraldine Knight Scott, Louis Stein, George and Helena Thacher, Walter Vodden, and Norma Willer.

Interviews with botanist Annetta Carter on the UC Berkeley Herbarium, 1930s to 1980s; Mary DeDecker, botanist and conservationist, on the desert flora of the Owens Valley region; Elizabeth McClintock, botanist, on the California Academy of Sciences Herbarium, collecting and interpretation, and conservation of rare native species of the San Francisco Bay Area.

THOMAS D. CHURCH, LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT. Two volumes, 1978, 800 pp.
A study of Thomas Dolliver Church (1902-1978), landscape architect, through interviews with colleagues in architecture and landscape architecture, staff, clients and friends, landscape contractors and nurserymen, and with Elizabeth Roberts Church.

Volume I: Interviews with Theodore Bernardi, Lucy Butler, June Meehan Campbell, Louis DeMonte, Walter Doty, Donn Emmons, Floyd Gerow, Harriet Henderson, Joseph Howland, Ruth Jaffe, Burton Litton, Germano Milono, Miriam Pierce, George Rockrise, Robert Royston, Geraldine Knight Scott, Roger Sturtevant, Francis Violich, and Harold Watkin.

Volume II: Interviews with Maggie Baylis, Elizabeth Roberts Church, Robert Glasner, Grace Hall, Lawrence Halprin, Proctor Mellquist, Everitt Miller, Harry Sanders, Lou Schenone, Jack Stafford, Goodwin Steinberg, and Jack Wagstaff.

Memoir about Lester Rowntree (1878-1979), horticulturist, naturalist, and seed collector. Interviews with horticulturists, botanists, and family members: Margaret Campbell, Skee Hamann, Heidi Rowntree Melas, Robert Ornduff, James Roof, Cedric Rowntree, Harriette Rowntree, Lester Rowntree, Lester Bradford Rowntree, Nancy Rowntree, Rowan Rowntree, and Jo Stallard.

Volunteer Interviews

Interviews conducted by volunteer oral historian Mary Mead with the following five individuals relating to various periods and issues in the history of the California Native Plant Society are available for study in The Bancroft Library:

Joyce E. BURR, (b. 1912), Memories of Years Preceding and During the Formation of the California Native Plant Society, 1947-1966, 1992, x, 120 pp. Botanic Garden site controversy, James Roof, William Penn Mott, Jr.; CNPS founding; G. Ledyard Stebbins, Alice Howard, Susan Frug‚, Mary Wohlers; Huckleberry Trail, Citizens of Urban Wilderness Areas.

Jenny FLEMING, (b. 1924), Memories of the California Native Plant Society During and After Its Formation, 1955-Present, 1993, x, 108 pp. Personal interest in conservation, landscaping with native plants; CNPS plant sale, fund-raising; Bay Chapter since 1976; Tilden Botanic Garden Volunteers, Rare Plant Project; Sierra Club, US Forest Service.

G. Ledyard STEBBINS, (b. 1906), The Life and Work of George Ledyard Stebbins, Jr., 1993, vi, 145 pp. Developmental genetics, research in perennial grasses, Davis herbarium; CNPS Sacramento Chapter, and state presidency: Rare Plant Project, field trips, coordinating council, members; endangered species, North Coast-Central Valley Bio-Diversity Transect; Botanical Society, Friends of the UC Davis Arboretum, Botanical Congresses.

Leonora H. STROHMAIER, (b. 1911), Memories of Years Preceding and During the Formation of the California Native Plant Society, 1955-1973, 1992, ix, 83 pp. Ph.D. in plant physiology, work in food technology; marriage to Erwin Strohmaier; role of Berkeley Garden Club and Regional Parks Association in creation of CNPS, and CNPS early years.

Myrtle R. WOLF, (b. 1904), Memories of Early Years and Development of the California Native Plant Society, 1966-1991, 1991, x, 92 pp. CNPS founding, and crises of fires, freezes; East Bay Regional Parks District; Tilden Botanic Garden; UC Berkeley Department of Botany, and Botanic Garden; James Roof, Wayne Roderick, other CNPS members.

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