Selected Oral Histories on U.S. Supreme Court
Earl Warren (1891-1974) Earl Warren: The Chief Justiceship. 1977, 245 pp.

    Herbert Brownell, "Earl Warren's Appointment to the Supreme Court."
    Louis Finkelstein, "Earl Warren's Inquiry into Talmudic Law."
    James C. Hagerty, "Earl Warren's Appointment to the Supreme Court."
    William W. Oliver, "Working in the Supreme Court: Comments on Court, Brown Decision, Warren, and     Other Justices."
    Martin F. Richman, "Law Clerk for Chief Justice Warren, 1956-1957."
    Harold Stassen, "Eisenhower, the 1952 Republican Convention, and Earl Warren."
    M. F. Small, "Letter Regarding Earl Warren's Court Appointment, November 15, 1972."

Law Clerks of Chief Justice Earl Warren [in progress]

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