Selected Oral Histories on Legal Education

Joseph R. Grodin (b. 1930)
Professor of Law and California Supreme Court Justice Joseph R. Grodin. 2006, 122 pp.

I. Michael Heyman (1930-2011)
Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, and Professor of Law, UC Berkeley; and Secretary, The Smithsonian Institution. 2004, 248 pp.

Herma Hill Kay
Professor, 1960-Present, and Dean, 1992-2000, Boalt Hall School of Law, UC Berkeley, 2005. 180 pp.

Adrian A. Kragen (1907-2005)
A Law Professor's Career: Teaching, Private Practice, and Legislative Representative, 1934-1989. 1991, 333 pp.

Newman, Frank. (1917-1996) Professor of Law, University of California, 1946-present; Justice, California Supreme Court, 1977-1983. 1994, viii, 336 pp. $33 [Available through the California State Archives]

Cruz Reynoso [in progress]

Philip Selznick (1919-2010)
An Oral History with Philip Selznick, 2010. 178 pp.

Ralph "Jake" Warner
Founder of Nolo Press, 2012. 219 pp.
Video excerpt: Jake Warner, founder of NOLO Press, describes its beginnings

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