Selected Individual Oral Histories on the Legal Profession

Judge Richard Earl Arnason (b. 1921) Politics, Law, and Human Rights Oral History Series. 2009, 149 pp.

Kemper Campbell (1881-1957) Reminiscences of Kemper Campbell. 1954, 82 pp. (Organizer of the California State Bar)

William K. Coblentz (b. 1922) San Francisco Lawyer, California Higher Education, and Democratic Politics: 1947-1998. 2002, 347 pp.

William E. Colby (1875-1964) Reminiscences. 1954, 145 pp. (Mining law and conservation)

George T. Davis (b. 1907) San Francisco Trial Lawyer: In Defense of Due Process, 1930s-1990s. 1993, 269 pp.

Judge Herbert Donaldson (1927-2008) Politics, Law, and Human Rights Oral History Series. 2009, 210 pp.

Morris M. Doyle (1909-1997) An Antitrust Lawyer: Six Decades at McCutchen, Doyle, Brown & Enersen, 1932-1992. 1993, 143 pp.

Burnham Enersen (b. 1905) Practicing Law with the McCutchen Law Firm Since 1930. 1995, 274 pp.

Richard Greene
Richard Greene: Distinguished Tax Attorney, Estate Planner, and Leader in the Arts, Philanthropic and University Communities. 2013, 771 pp.

Farnham P. Griffiths (1884-1958) The University of California, and the California Bar. 1958, 46 pp.

Howard Hassard (b. 1910) The California Medical Association, Medical Insurance, and the Law, 1935-1992. 1993, 228 pp.

Louis H. Heilbron (b. 1907) Most of A Century: Law and Public Service, 1930s to 1990s. 1995, 401 pp.

Frances and Friedy B. Heisler (1895-1984) Civil Liberties, Mental Health, and the Pursuit of Peace. 1983, 289 pp.

Walter S. Hilborn (1879-1976), Reflections on Legal Practice and Jewish Community Leadership: New York and Los Angeles, 1907-1973, 1974, 226 pp.

Quentin Kopp
Politics, Law, and Human Rights Oral History Series. 2007, 60 pp.

Norman Leonard (b. 1914) Life of a Leftist Labor Lawyer. 1986, 309 pp.

Justice Mildred L. Lillie (1915-2002) Oral History of Justice Mildred L. Lillie. 1997, 131 pp. [DONATED]

Thomas Lynch (1904-1986) A Career in Politics and the Attorney General's Office. 1982, 321 pp. (Goodwin Knight - Edmund G. Brown, Sr. Project)

William Newsom
Politics, Law, and Human Rights. 2010, 254 pp.

Warren Olney, III (1904-1978) Law Enforcement and Judicial Administration in the Earl Warren Era. 1981, 523 pp. (Earl Warren Project)

William L. Owen (b. 1915) "Negotiations and Legal Affairs of Aramco, 1947-1980" in American Perspectives of Aramco, The Saudi-Arabian Oil-Producing Company, 1930s to 1980s. 1995, 590 pp.

David Pesonen (b. 1934) Attorney and Activist for the Environment, 1962-1992: Opposing Nuclear Power at Bodega Bay and Point Arena, Managing California Forests and East Bay Regional Parks. 1996, 339 pp.

Herman Phleger (1890-1984) Sixty Years in Law, Public Service, and International Affairs. 1979, 316 pp.

Thomas Rothwell Chief Counsel and Staff Attorney, Legal Aid Society of San Francisco, 1950s and 1960s. 1992, 122 pp.

Max Thelen (1880-1972) California Progressive, Railroad Commissioner, and Attorney. 1962, 100 pp.

Ralph "Jake" Warner
Founder of Nolo Press, 2012. 219 pp.
Video excerpt: Jake Warner, founder of NOLO Press, describes its beginnings

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