Volunteer Leadership Series

The Volunteer Leadership series, established in 1977, is designed to document the accomplishments of selected Bay Area men and women, in many cases persons with business and professional careers, who have worked through nonprofit organizations to improve the quality of life in their communities. Interviews with both lay and professional leaders provide rich material for understanding the nature and impact of volunteer activity.

The Volunteer Leadership Series studies the origins of individual dedication to voluntary endeavors, and the processes by which private, nonprofit groups bring about change in a community's social and cultural institutions. The focus of the interviews is twofold: the personal background and principles of memoirists, and the founding and internal workings of specific volunteer organizations and issues with which they have been involved.

Lawrence Arnstein
Community Service in California Public Health and Social Welfare. 1964, 292 pp.

Lewis H. Butler
A Life of Public Service: Ploughshares Fund, California Tomorrow, Health Policy, HEW, the Environment, the Peace Corps. 2010, 500 pp.

Lewis H. Butler Video excerpts:
On the value of the Peace Corps
On Owen Chamberlain and the genesis of the Ploughshares Fund
On organizing the Pete McCloskey campaign for Congress in 1967 against Shirley Temple Black
On the establishment of an agricultural preserve in Napa Valley, 1968
Experiences in the Nixon administration during the Vietnam War
On determining the mission of California Tomorrow
California Tomorrow: Learning to work as a multiracial, multiethnic organization

Caroline Charles
The Action and Passion of Our Times. 1979, 316 pp.

Adeline Toye Cox
Enhancing a Citizen's Influence: Professional and Volunteer Community Service, 1917-1981. 1983, 223 pp.

Elise Stern Haas
The Appreciation of Quality. 1979, 209 pp.

Walter A. Haas, Sr.
Civic, Philanthropic, and Business Leadership. 1975, 162 pp.

Ruth Arnstein Hart
Concern for the Individual: The Berkeley YMCA and Other Berkeley Organizations. 1978, 326 pp.

Winifred Osborn Heard with Bartlett Heard
Partnership in Community Service. 1978, 690 pp.

Elinor Raas Heller
A Volunteer Career in Politics, In Higher Education, and on Governing Boards, 1984, 845 pp. Two volumes.

Marcel Hirsch
The Responsibilities and Rewards of Involvement, 1981, 179 pp.

Daniel Koshland
The Principle of Sharing. 1971, 325 pp.

Lucile Heming Koshland
Citizen Participation in Government
. 1971, 83 pp.

Robert J.
Volunteer Community Service in Health and Welfare. 1983, 310 pp.

Eleanor Richards Lyon
Civic Volunteer, Clubwoman, and Conservationist. 1976, 225 pp.

Emma Moffat McLaughlin
A Life in Community Service. 1970, 444 pp.

Florette Pomeroy
The Caring Spirit: California Social Welfare Issues, 1932-1982. 1984, 383 pp.

Carol Rhodes Sibley
Building Community Trust: Berkeley School Integration and Other Civic Endeavors, 1943-1978. 1980, 357 pp.

Sanford Treguboff
Administration of Jewish Philanthropy in San Francisco. 1988, 243 pp.

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