Interviews on Social Welfare History

Aid to the Blind, 1955, 48 pp. Perry Sundquist and Lillian McClure, Division of the Blind, State Department of Social Welfare.

Lawrence Arnstein (1880-1979), Community Service in California Public Health and Social Welfare, 1964, 292 pp.

Frank Bane (1893-1983), Public Administration and Public Welfare, 1965, 294 pp.

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Jessie Bierman (1900-1996), Maternal and Child Health in Montana, California, the U.S. Children's Bureau, and WHO, 1926-1967. 1987, 246 pp.

Thomas C. Blaisdell Jr. (1895-1988), India and China in the World War I Era; New Deal and the Marshall Plan; and University of California, Berkeley, 1991, 373 pp.

Amy Steinhart Braden (1879-1978), Child Welfare and Community Service, 1965, 263 pp.

Robert Carleson (b. 1932), Stemming the Welfare Tide, 1985, 107 pp.

Winslow Christian (b. 1926), The Human Side of Public Administration, 1993, 65 pp.

Disabled Students' Residence Program, 1987, iii, 41 pp.
Arleigh Williams and Betty Honnold Neely on disabled students program at UC Berkeley.

Earl Warren as Executive: Social Welfare and State Parks, 1977, 127 pp.
Interviews with Charles Irwin Schottland, director of the State Department of Welfare, 1950-1954, and Newton Bishop Drury, director of the State Division of Beaches and Parks in 1951.

Joel Fort (b. 1929)
Public Health Pioneer, Criminologist, Reformer, Ethicist, and Humanitarian, 1997, 382 pp.

Herman Gallegos (b. 1930), Equity and Diversity: Hispanics in the Nonprofit World, 1989, 157 pp.

Governor Reagan's Cabinet and Agency Administration, 1986, 203 pp.
Earl Brian, Jr. on health and welfare policy, and legislative negotiations, 1970-1974; and James Stearns, Frank Walton, and Edwin Thomas.

James M. Hall (b. 1934), Supporting Reagan: From Banks to Prisons, 1987, 157 pp.

Joseph P. Harris (1896-1985), Professor and Practitioner: Government, Election Reform, and the Votomatic, 1983, x, 155 pp.

Louis H. Heilbron (b. 1907), Most of a Century: Law and Public Service, 1930s to 1990s, 1995, 397 pp.

Emily Huntington (1895-1982), A Career in Consumer Economics and Social Insurance, 1971, 111 pp.

Mary Cover Jones (1896-1987), Harold E. Jones and Mary C. Jones, Partners in Longitudinal Studies, 1983, 154 pp.

Catherine Landreth (1899-1995), The Nursery School of the Institute of Child Welfare of UC Berkeley, 1983, 51 pp.

Emma Moffat McLaughlin A Life in Community Service. 1970, 444 pp.

Dorothy B. Nyswander (b. 1894), Professor and Activist for Public Health Education in the Americas and Asia, 1994, 318 pp.

Perspectives on Department Administration, California, 1953-1966, 1980, 287 pp.
John M. Wedemeyer, State Social Welfare director, 1959-1966, and John M. Peirce, Bert W. Levit, Albert B. Tieberg, and James Lowry.

Florette White Pomeroy (1913-1987)
The Caring Spirit: California Social Welfare Issues, 1932-1982. 1984, 383 pp.

Services for Californians: Executive Department Issues in the Reagan Administration, 1967-1974, 1986, 234 pp.
David Swoap on welfare costs and reform, 1965-1983; and Richard L. Camilli, Louis Carter, James V. Lowry, and William Penn Mott, Jr.

Sanford M. Treguboff (1910-1980), Administration of Jewish Philanthropy in San Francisco. 1988, 243 pp.

Earl Warren (1891-1974), Conversations with Earl Warren on California Government, 1982, 339 pp.

Louis Weintraub (b. 1914), Administration of the San Francisco Jewish Welfare Fund, 1970-1975. 1996, 148 pp.

Spencer M. Williams (b. 1922), The Human Relations Agency: Perspectives and Programs Concerning Health, Welfare, and Corrections, 1966-1970, 1986, 94 pp.

Albert Charles Wollenberg Sr. (1900-1981), To Do the Job Well: A Life in Legislative, Judicial, and Community Service, 1981, 396 pp.

Zellerbach Family Fund Innovations in Support of Human Services and the Arts, 1992, 267 pp.
William Joseph Zellerbach
, Edward Nathan on grantmaking for family and child welfare services; Beverly Abbott, and Janice Mirikitani.

Oral Histories from the Donated Oral Histories Collection
(May be read only in The Bancroft Library, UC Berkeley)

- Fresno Social Work, Nineteen interviews on the history of the social work education program and student experiences at California State University, Fresno. 1991-ongoing
- Bay Area Social Work, Ten interviews on aspects of social work: work with children and the developmentally disabled, community advocacy. 1985-1989

Other Oral Histories

These oral histories, conducted for other institutions, may be read in The Bancroft Library, UC Berkeley. Information on ordering should be requested from the institutions noted. Addresses are given below.

Beilenson, Anthony C. (b. 1932), Securing Liberal Legislation During the Reagan Administration, 1982, 81 pp. (UCLA)

Burke, Yvonne Brathwaite (b. 1932), New Arenas of Black Influence, 1982, 46 pp. (UCLA)

Finch, Robert H. (b. 1930), Views from the Lieutenant Governor's Office, 1983, 107 pp. Discusses federal and state welfare reform. (Claremont)

Gleason, Verne Everett (b. 1911), Oral History Interview with Verne Everett Gleason, 1988, 165 pp. State Department of Social Welfare, 1937-1970. (State Archives) $27

Mulder, Carel E. H. (b. 1914), Chief, Division of Medical Care, Department of Social Welfare, 1957-1965; Director, Department of Health Care Services, 1967-1970, 1991, 78 pp. (State Archives) $24

Roberts, Ed (1939-1995), Advocate for the Disabled. In process (State Archives)

Other Lists to Consult

For further consideration of the history of social welfare in California the researcher should consult the following ROHO series:

History of Philanthropy | Jewish Community and Jewish Community Federation

Social welfare and welfare reform are also discussed throughout the following ROHO series:

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